Sony Releases Matrix Online Scrapbook

The Matrix Online was shut down for good this summer, leaving former players with nothing but memories. To assist your reminiscing, Sony Online Entertainment compiled a Matrix Online Memory Book.

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Nitrowolf23230d ago

i never played this. Mybe sony will bring it to console one day?i dont know how ggod/bad this game was.

Eiffel3230d ago

It lasted pretty long. I highly doubt it was bad. I've never played so I can't say much.

EvilCackle3230d ago

Yeah, it must not have been terrible if it ran for four years. It seems like they were constantly doing story events so that probably helped maintain a core of dedicated players. The problem with having your MMO grounded in a storyline, though, is that it's less conducive to newcomers (who would probably be a bit lost by what's going on).

KillerPwned3230d ago

Damn i always wanted to play that mmo

DeadlyFire3229d ago

Me as well, but I couldn't get a job to pay. I say only reason it closed is due to over saturated Pay to Play MMO market. Only so much money can go around and now there are more MMOs than ever coming along.

NaiNaiNai3230d ago

I went up to hastings the other day, they were selling 60 day cards for 10$ each. XD I laughed so hard, they are selling cards for a game that is no longer online.