Is September the New October in Gaming?

With all the big titles releasing in September, Gamervision asks: Is September the new October?

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Killjoy30003201d ago

Definitely not when Uncharted 2 and MW2 are in town.

zaza1263201d ago

you forgot R&C.
wow is it a great time to be a gamer though. minus the fact that im about to be broke

MerkinMax3201d ago

September is September followed by October and then November and all 3 of these months have great games for each console owner.

kalebgray923201d ago

its halo month but not the new october.... october/november are gaming months then march and may

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AnonUser55553201d ago

Is September the new March?

wtf. stupid article.

gaffyh3201d ago

Yeah LOL. Is Friday the new Monday?

AridSpider3201d ago

addition the new subtraction?

ProA0073201d ago

chocolate the new vanilla?

Alex_Mexico3201d ago

N4G should really ban permanently every single article whose title ends with a question mark.

Mahr3201d ago

Is September the new black?

colonel1793201d ago

question the new answer?

Blaze9293201d ago

hahaha I like that one. Bubbles up

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Blasphemy3201d ago

I own a PS3 and there is not a SINGLE game coming out in Sept. that I want to pick up.

Pandamobile3201d ago

Well, it's a good month for PC gamers. 3 big name games with PC exclusive content and features. Resident Evil 5, Red Faction Guerrilla, and Batman: Arkham Asylum all come out tomorrow :D

JL3201d ago

I agree. I kinda laughed to myself when I read that title. Then the description a bit. I'm just thinking "there's nothing I want in September that I can think of". Yet, there's like 6 games or more that I want in October. Too many to buy, I know that.

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Aclay3201d ago

Nah, to me September is just a good month to release a New IP or an Established game without much competition from most other big games before Holiday season ramps up.... for most of big game releases, I think October and November is where it's at.

Another thing I don't understand is WHY December gets neglected for game releases, because for this gen., December has almost always been a VERY dry month... I mean, there were a bunch of games that got delayed this year that could have been released in December and would have done just fine.

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