Modern Warfare 2 - Soap MacTavish Statue

Here is the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Captain Soap MacTavish Statue that is 12" tall if standing upright. You can change his pose and choose between 3 different sets of weapons. It's 1/6 scale of life size and the weapons included are: Dual ice-climbing pickaxes (pictured) Dual .45 caliber pistols M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (affixes to Soap's back when not in use). It's $79.99 on Amazon for per-order and will be available November 10th.

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Xbox360Elite3051d ago

Day 1 for sure that will look great next to my Xbox360 elite high definition next gen console.

Killjoy30003051d ago

Activision, you bastards.

CyberCam3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Why don't they sell me something useful... like COD:MW toilet paper for instance, so I can think of them every time I wipe my arse!

AimlessR3051d ago

That's very cool, too bad I don't have any room to put it in my room lol.

Bereaver3051d ago

Can't find a place to put something that's only 12 inches tall in your room?

AimlessR3051d ago

You'd be surprised how dirty my room is. Also, I'm cheap.

IdleLeeSiuLung3051d ago

That's very cool, too bad I can't afford to spend money on statues.

theEnemy3051d ago

so Call of Duty has an icon now in the name of Soap MacTavish ?

Gam713051d ago

Seems like it.
Good choice