Spring Update: Killing Xbox 360s?

In some worrying news for Xbox 360 owners, there are numerous stories being posted on the Official forum concerning the recent spring update killing 360's. Quite a few of the forum posters are also claiming that Microsoft are ignoring the complaints. Apparently after updating, 360 owners are reporting that the machine suddenly switches off. Are any of you 360 owners suffering any problems?

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elliot_4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

thats a lot of people...

hey jmoneezie i'm no sony guy...i just found this article interesting than i posted it...
i don't even have a ps3...i don't hate the xbox...only its maniac fans...
of course for me its much easy to post an article like this than a 360 fan...

just because i have a avatar the ps i'm a xbox hater?

please i just a player...what called my attention in this article was this part..."a few of the forum posters are also claiming that Microsoft are ignoring the complaints..."

PS3 Owns All4238d ago

for 360 fans saying ''PS3 updates with more errors LOL'' U see what I mean? UNPERFECT!! Nothing is perfect!

jmoneezie4238d ago

So why does this article concern you. Is this just more hate from another MS hater?

power of Green 4238d ago

Ya! my 360 became selfaware 2:00 pm est.

gta_cb4238d ago

my Xbox 360 still works, it has worked completely fine after EVERY game update, and after EVERY dashboard update!

my friends list has been full for a while now, and NON of them have had a problem updating the Xbox 360 dashboard, and i havnt heard of ANY problems till this story popped up. i personally dont believe this story unless there IS evidence

StrboyM4238d ago

very sorry for people who own 360's. its like every update xbox's die.
man i know it sucks. i use my ps3 every day. if she croaked id be very very upset.

fanboyisms aside. M$ needs to get its act together for the sake of its customers. there are lots of people being turned away from the 360 because of faulty sytem designs and update issues, thats really not the way i want the console wars to go. I mean sony was gonna win anyway, but id rather see them beat an opponent who didnt beat themself first.

my condolences to those who lost a 360

duckman24704238d ago

I only feel bad for the people who are on there 1st 360 who had no knowlage of how defective these 360's are, However I cant help but Laugh at the people who keep buying new 360s or keep paying for repairs after there 1st one broke. If there that dumb to continue giving MS there money then theres noone to blame but themselfs.

I learn quick and got out of the MS money trap back in FEB 07.

Boink4238d ago

everytime an update goes through, there is a bunch of sony fanboys claiming it breaks.

I have no doubt that there would be some sporadic issues with it, as there are with any software updates. but it is not the "shy is falling" as some would have us believe. Out of all the people I know with a 360, and all those on my friends list, not a single one has had a 360 bricked or even an issue from any update.

if it was so rampant, I think there would be at least one.

Sexius Maximus4238d ago

The update has made my VGA even more gorgeous, and the new features are great. I have heard of NO stories about issues from any of my buddies or anybody off my friends list. I call BS.

marionz4238d ago

if this is true wouldnt it affect all 360's? you sony fans love to jump in and start [email protected] about the 360, i personally know 6 360 owners and they and i have never had a single problem!

fact: this update was awesome

why dont you sony fans get jobs or is sony paying you to spam 360 owners and 360 sites with your BS storys of bricked 360's

sony fans stop the hate, its fact the ps3 isnt as good as the 360 but dont hold that against us who are happy with our console of choice

update killing 360's? what a joke ha...ha...ha...

Xeoset4238d ago

It's the Internet.

Sony Fangirls run rampant, downplaying games and causing rumours.

I bet the very start of this as at the PS3Forums, in the PS3 General section and it went:

"ZOFMGGz, my invisible 360 busted!"
"Holy shintZ! Mine 2! I only made it up 2 weeks ago"
"ZOMG! Me 3! Let's cause crap on the interwbz!"

Sony Cows. I would say go play your PS3 but, well, there aren't exactly games for it. You really should of got a 360, they're actually fun, but, $600 is a large investment and hard to bin, we know. If I had to bin my 360, Gears of War, Viva Pinata and Dead Rising, roughly the same cost as your George Foreman Grill, I'd be pissed.

Also, LMAO at them disagreeing at the VGA Picture Update. They're disagreeing with better pictures?! Fail.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4238d ago

If not, leave the BS in the pasture! `&~`