BeefJack: Infamous Review

BeefJack writes: "Infamous is a completely open world environment where you can literally go anywhere, not just on the streets. But also, thanks to your new electrical based superhuman powers, you subsequently received by being too close to a biological blast, you can now go up, over and between buildings, gliding through the air and rail sliding along wires railway tracks. As the David Beckham look-alike, Cole McGrath, you can choose two moral paths, you can either go towards the dark side or take the good path, with each path having different missions, storyline and consequences."

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krouse933205d ago

If I had a website I would give this game a 10/10

vShinobi3205d ago

I would give it a 9/10 good game but not much replay value.

himdeel3205d ago

...partially with you statement. There isn't much replay value if you're not wanting a platinum trophy or don't care to see the Good and Bad story variations.

sorceror1713205d ago

I'm very close to the Platinum, and I have to disagree. I'll put inFamous away for a while once I've beaten it, but I know I'll pull it out again eventually and play through it again.

There are movies you only need to see once, and others you enjoy watching again from time to time. For me, inFamous is like the latter. But, I can understand those who don't feel that way - the movies I like to return to aren't the ones others would, and vice versa.

Lord_Ranos3205d ago

Awesome game. Reminds me of Static Shock wich was an awesome series too.