Minority Report: The Non-White Gamer's Experience

Fergus Mills searches for the words. It's clear he wants to say this carefully. The 22-year-old from Macon, Ga. is black. His Xbox Live avatar is black. Except that it's not.

Drawing it out of him, Mills says it's because of the avatar's body language. And while Mills doesn't say that's really a white guy on his screen, palette-swapped to look like him, he's pretty clear this representation is not from his neighborhood.

"I can make him look like me, but have you noticed, when he's standing right there, the way he moves? It's ... weird," Mills said. "He puts his hand on his hip. He twirls his head. I've never seen people who act like that."

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WEL3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Kotaku writes so much crap... I am latino and even I don't give a $#!% about this.

niceboy3108d ago

Take your time and read sometime good, all we read on here most of the times are just, rumors, rumors, rumors, and a lot of weak so called articles, gamers need to take time and read a good piece once in a while... geez

pixelsword3107d ago

This is a well-written article and addresses an often neglected subject in gaming.