BioShock and Saints Row 2 Reduced to a fiver - AllAboutTheGames

AllAboutTheGames reports:

"The generous folks over at Direct2Drive are offering BioShock and Saints Row 2 among others, for the measly price of £5 to celebrate the company's birthday.

Other titles reduced to a fiver include:

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobly
Juiced 2
Sid Meiers Pirates
Frontlines: Fuel of War
Max Payne 2

Direct2Drive, as the name would suggest, allows you to digitally download your PC games and at five quid a pop for its celebratory titles means you'll get a gaming classic for less than the price of a couple of pints."

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Pandamobile3232d ago

If you haven't played Bioshock, what the hell are you waiting for. Download that sh1t!

Irnbruguy3232d ago

I got bioshock for £3.99 back in January.

Brilliant price.
Brilliant game.

Alvadr3232d ago

Why pay that when you can pay £19.99 on XB-'LOL'-A

KionicWarlord2223232d ago

Nice price for bioshock....

Amazing game...

Sie3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

yeah i must agree, if you havent played Bioshock...

first where have you been???

Then go download a copy what a bargain!

Saints row 2 isnt bad either btw.

NaiNaiNai3232d ago

I can't run it I don't have shader 3 compatibility.

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