Nintendo Channel Gets An Updated Look (VIDEO)

"Nintendo Channel will also premiere Nintendo Week, a weekly, hosted series about what's happening in the world of Nintendo. The premiere episode includes an in-depth look at Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, an interview with the developers behind the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5, plus coverage of the new Nintendo DSi colors, Nintendo DSiWare games and other surprises."

Other improvements include:

Improved navigation system
Improved game recommendation setup
Improved presentation
Ability to stream high-quality video
New channel icon (changes to reflect updates)

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ChickeyCantor3200d ago

Never thought much of the N-Channel, But looking at it how it is does look powerful.
Its just to bad that lots of people dont even know it either exists or doesnt know how to get online.

SpoonyRedMage3200d ago

Ahh, it isn't updated in Europe and I love the Nintendo channel. It has interviews with people and trailers and demo vids and awesome stuff and also lots of info on games if you look 'em up.

Product3200d ago

Great how it now shows rankings for games due to recommendations (gold,silver,bronze) and average play times per user.

Shnazzyone3200d ago

pretty sweet actually. As long as they keep the showing strong each week then mondays are about to get a bit sweeter. They really upped presentation in the channel. It makes me wonder if there are going to be any more surprises leading up to october. Does nintendo have any future press confrences on a monday bychance? If they utilize the Nintendo channel even half as well as they did for E3 then maybe this is leading to something.

Also... high quality mode is pretty darn crisp I have to say.

Redempteur3199d ago

The new design is ok i guess