Toys R Us Shows Ad Confirms Wii Are Cheap

Well, it's kinda like their hand was forced, but a leaked Toys R Us ad shows the Nintendo Wii at $199.99. Nintendo can deny all they want, but it's kinda hard with a picture from a leading retailer that says "WII PRICE CUT! $199.99" in big ass bold letters.

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Nightfallen3228d ago

I still don't want a Wii. Is it bad that I can't get into it? Maybe one day.. but not anytime soon.

Pennywise3228d ago

They will have to drop it again once Sony or MS has a HD motion option.

saint_john_paul_ii3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

well there are 2 good games coming out this year on the wii, the Super Mario bros game and Dead Space Extraction, but thats about it for me.

BTW, i wouldnt be surprised if EA ports Dead Space extraction to the PS3 and 360 because of their motion Controls.

walken73228d ago

Sorry Nintendo, not til it's $150 (about what it's worth)

kapedkrusader3228d ago

...I owned a Wii. After adding up 4 remotes and 4 nunchucks I was in the hole like $500. I hated that it wasn't 1:1 gameplay but still had fun. Although the sub-par graphics did me in. Then the Wii Motion Plus comes out and that would have been another $100+. I'm glad I sold it a year ago.

Dark_Vendetta3228d ago

I would even say not before 100€. If you compare it to the Ps3, the production of the Wii can never be only 100€ cheaper.

gamesR4fun3228d ago

Im with all the guys who say its only worth 150 heck its still overpriced for a gamecube+ with waggle but at 150 it might stay in top spot.

JsonHenry3228d ago

And it is still not worth it compared to the competitions offerings.

meepmoopmeep3228d ago

i'd get one for $199. i hope this news is true

i agree, it should be $150 though, lol

NeoBasch3228d ago

lol, Sony's putting the pressure on even Nintendo. Take that CNN! I'm sure the Wii will see some sort of sales boost, but probably not as big as Nintendo is expecting. Reason being, whereas I think it's a trend, they think it has become something much more. Well, Nintendo, you lost that chance when you started putting out a sh!t load of shovel ware. Whatever happened to that Quality Seal. It used to mean something. :(

The system had so much promise, but when developers realized that the casuals would buy just about anything, third party development fell to the way side. I do realize there are quite a few AAA titles available for the Wii, but compared to the PS3 and 360... not good. My theory is, when consumers begin to cut back, third parties will re-emerge and produce some awesome games. The sooner that happens the better.

Nintendo just needs to realize the Wii is no longer the titan it once was, and needs to step back into the competition for the hardcore gaming crowd. It's never too late. However, it will take some time for me, personally, to find room in my heart of hearts for forgiveness. Never turn your back on the hardcore gaming crowd again.

evrfighter3228d ago

welp sorry Sony. right when it looked like the future may be bright.

Voice_of_Reason3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

That last post was funny... Ps3 is still how many million behind Wii? 30 million isnt it? I really don't think Nintendo has anything to worry about from Sony at this point and I doubt they are worried Sony will catch them soon.

Also you claim Wii isnt wanted? Is that why its still selling at or above the PS2 numbers at the same point in its life cycle? We all know how poorly the PS2 sold so maybe you have a point there...

Sadly someone will actually read that and take the last part

I think the worst part is that you actually think you have valid points. Yet you clearly know nothing long term about Nintendo or you'd know good games and casual games are all they have ever made. Mario typing ring a bell? Probably not but then again you probably never owned a Nintendo product.

Sadly if as many people owned a N64 and Gamecube as claim to on this site(Every Wii hater was a former die hard who owned everything Nintendo after all or so most will claim) then both system would not have finished last.

IdleLeeSiuLung3227d ago

Wii is gonna sell like hot cakes this Christmas again!!!

Personallly, not a particular fan of Wii, but got to admit it is a fun family thing and that is why it sells. Something that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 lacks in comparison.

I still prefer my 360 and PS3 over the Wii though.

ABizzel13227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Now throw in a game and the Wii will be worth what it should have been from the get go.

But now this are getting serious. The Wii's $50 price cut is sure to attract parents, and grandparents. I think MS will have the hardest time out of the 3 getting consumers to buy their consoles unless they do some kind of amazing bundle.

The 360 hasn't really had a price cut it just got a larger hard drive and less stuff packed in the box (Elite is a Pro with an extra 60GB and black instead of white).

Sony is in the most unsure position of the 3 console manufacturers. They could take over this holiday or they can do decent or they could go back to last place in sales if the Slim blitz is only temporary. But if all the rumored PS3 Slim bundles are true then I definitely see them taking at least 2nd place.

Things are going to get interesting this holiday. I'm just going to sit back and watch what happens.

NeoBasch3227d ago

@ 1.12

lol, I meant no disrespect. No need to get defensive? Unlike the rest of N4G, I do actually own a Wii. Never sold it either. I sold my GameCube, but that's because I got a Wii instead. Never liked the N64, I'll admit. SNES, on the other hand, in my opinion is probably their best system, followed by GameCube. I love Nintendo, when they get it right: Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, Legend of Zelda (the first two being some of the best games of the decade). Of course, I could be lying, but what would I have to gain from all this.

You understand I'm just one person, right? People may like what I have to say, but that's their choice whether or not they want to read my gargantuan posts. I know what's on the horizon for the Wii, and my opinion hasn't changed. I thought the Wii had an amazing 2nd year, full or promise, but now it seems to have petered out. I do want Nintendo to be successful. I just don't believe this is the way to do it.

The way I see it, the Wii took one large step forward and two smaller steps back: amazing promise, but the focus is killing it. Nintendo needs to offer more to the hardcore gaming crowd. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a start, but I'm looking for perhaps a new IP. What's Retro working on these days anyways? Besides the Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I'm thinking of picking up. Even though The Conduit doesn't sound aesthetically pleasing, I might pick that one up as well after hearing about all the hard work from the devs. Muramasa is also on my shopping list.

Regardless, this year has been absolutely embarrassing for the Wii. Perhaps next year they will remedy the situation, but I do demand more out of my consoles. Even ones that cost $200. I expect sales to go down as they have for quite some time. Sure, they're still leading, but for how long. Compare the growth from 2007 to 2009. See what I mean? I think the Wii will take a dramatic down turn soon if it doesn't start pandering to the hardcore gaming crowd. I just don't understand how you can neglect half your audience. I hope Nintendo realizes this soon.

kunit22c3227d ago

I've been noticing alot of hate on the Wii in here, and im just going to say, I bet none of you have actually sat down with a Wii and played a game besides WiiSports. The Wii I think is sweet with great games, heres a list of great games on the Wii, and to tell the truth im pretty satisfied with these, but quite a few of my friends have 360's and 2 of my friends have PS3's, and to tell the truth I really enjoy Left4Dead, that game is one of the best games ive ever played, but I really like motorstorm 2 and resistance 2 but even besides those games im really looking forward to Modern warfare 2, MAG, and God of War 3, and games that are already out i want street fighter 4, resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, and maybe even killzone 2, but so now im going to get a PS3 for those games, its not because I dont like my Wii, its just that the Wii doesnt have those games, and I really want them so im gonna get a PS3 slim, and no im not going to get a 360, im not just going to be like most of my friends and pay for online and go through rrod, no thanks.(BTW each of them have gotten rrod atleast twice) also the PS3 isnt made by a cheapskate company, unlike the 360. So yeah im going to have a PS3 and a Wii, ITS GONNA BE SWEET! and I have an HD TV so I'll be having a blast! oh and also one more game I really wanna get on PS3 is fat princess! even though I wish the PS3 had left4dead, im not gonna lie that game is sweet, but im just going to have to stick with playing as a guest at a friends house. BTW im sooooo bored with halo, just please stop. also motorstorm is like the only racing game I like, idk im just not a racing fan but motorstorm is actually fun, but yeah so you can guess im not looking forward to gran turismo, and im also not interested in uncharted 2 like at all, i mean idk, it has good graphics and everything, but I just dont like it :P I also dont like MGS4, but only because its a 3rd person shooter and im not a big fan of those, im not that big of fan of gears either even though I do have some fun with that game. Also not a big fan of prototype or infamous, but if I had to choose.. uhhh I would probably have to choose infamous. but yeah IDK, this is more of a 2 cents comment nothing much to do with the actual article but I do enjoy the Wii and I bet if you just gave it a chance you probably could too.

NeoBasch3227d ago


Wow, your excitement leaps off the page. I think it's contagious. I really do want to play my Wii now. Your post brought a smile to my face. For once, this site finally feels like it was made for gamers rather than for sales and fanboys. Kudos. Though, don't know about the Uncharted part. You don't know what you're missing. Give it a shot, as one gamer to another.

kunit22c3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Well Ive played the demo of Uncharted 1, and didn't really enjoy it :P unless this sequal is a big step up, uhhh idk, maybe ill rent it or hopefully one of my friends will buy it just so I can try it out first. and yeah I know this site is crazy, I didn't even have any idea that people cared so much about sales until I got on this site.

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Feral Gamer3228d ago

Maybe I'll buy a Wii for the exclusives, but probably not. After playing PS3 in HD for so long, I can't even think of taking a huge step backward in graphics.

ElementX3228d ago

Funny you should say that. I used to own a Wii and I played the Mario Galaxy, No More Heros, Twilight Princess, and some others. The graphics were utter crap! Yes, the games were fun, I'll give Nintendo that, but after playing 360 (didn't own a PS3 at the time, but do now. I sold my 360 for rent money and only own a PS3 now...), I couldn't get over the last-gen graphics. It was hard to be immersed in a game where you're looking at pixelated, non-anti aliased graphics which aren't in high def.

kunit22c3226d ago

Its not the graphics stopping you from enjoying it, its your fanboyism. I take the hugest step backwards some times and play super Mario World, and I really enjoy it, but the bad graphics don't stop me from enjoying it.Its simply because your focusing way to much on the graphics, and not even wondering if your having fun or not. Gaming isn't even about fun anymore to the people on this site, its sickening, and the more your on this site, the more you start to get like that, its s disease. I think most of you are into gaming more for the arguing than the actual gaming itself.

butterfinger3228d ago

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for approving this article without even noticing the blatant mistake in the TITLE. Wow.

Anyways, the Wii is really looking overprice now at $249.99, so this would make sense. Perhaps we will get an announcement at TGS?

saint_john_paul_ii3228d ago

im not as young as you are. so i cant read right, LOL

LuvBurger3228d ago

You do pretty well for someone who's been dead for over 4 years, all things considered

Vizion263228d ago

With the price cuts I expect the Wii to outsell the PS3 and 360 combined in Oct., Nov., and Dec.

Voice_of_Reason3228d ago

It did without the price cuts and the same 12 year olds crying it wasnt worth owning.. It's sad how many hate a console simply because it doesnt carry the Sony name.. Look at how many Wii haters rejoice over Sony motion controls that use pretty much the same tech.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3228d ago

||.........___||.......____|| SLIM!!! ;-D

Hmm...i can't see people in the past thinking the 'Wii' was to expensive for them anyway??? Will see...
(Oh i got a N64, Wii FANS!!!) ;-D

dkgshiz3228d ago

Anyone who doesn't think so is a moron. As soon as Sony announced the PS3 slim and its $300 price tag. M$ instantly did the same thing. Now look whos following the crowd. Nintendo!!! Instead of dropping the price tag of the wii. Why not just make a new console with decent graphics? Also get rid of the wii mote. Its unnecessary for any real gamers. The biggest thing of all nintendo..... stop the shovelware!!!

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