Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days - ZTGD Review

Gambus Kahn writes: One bright and sunny day, I went to one of my favorite independent game stores to check out what was cool in gaming at the time. I was in the mood for something off the wall and different, but still good. This store had a limited import section that I would always gravitate toward, but the prices were sometimes outrageous, however I did buy the occasional overpriced Japanese game from time to time. After buying an absolutely delicious Monster Assault Energy Drink, the store's worker introduced me to a very quirky and insanely nuts title from a company called Nippon Ichi. Now, this store was very cool, due to the fact that you could play any game in the whole store; sadly the place was closed after a few years. I remember sitting down with my energy drink on a hard plastic chair and playing the first half-hour of a game called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, needless to say I was hooked.

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Digitaldude3047d ago

Game looks good, some improvement from the first which i enjoyed.