Modern Warfare 2 NVG's Made In China

It's not easy keeping things secret, especially when you have this many people working on it...

'Chinese Noodles' gave MW2blog the heads up on pictures giving them the behind the scenes look at the toy factory creating the Night Vision Goggles for Modern Warfare 2's Prestige Edition.

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tdrules3170d ago

jakks pacific haha.
dont they make the stupid wrestling figures?

deadpoole3170d ago

Talk about cheap NVGs ... hahahaaaa ... I knew NVG will be cheap but this cheap .... hats off to IW.

PhantomT14123170d ago

Well it's not so suprising after all. With 100$>price NVG, we expected that and not army high technology^^

Feral Gamer3170d ago

How would you know about stupid wrestling figures unless you buy them? Hell I haven't even heard of the company. You must be a fan if you know what they produce. LOL

Blaze9293170d ago Like deadpoole said, I wasnt expecting much but damn thats just terrible.

RAZORLAND3170d ago

see you march 2010; Amazon Deal of the day "MW2 Prestige Editition for $39.99"

Multi-Console Owner3170d ago

Toy factory... is the MW2 art book made along side Barney coloring books?

catguykyou3170d ago

The pics are from an assembly plant. They receive the parts from parts manufacturers (not made by those people in the pics) and it is their job to just put the parts together on the items they receive. Yes they could be the people that make you silly dolls but that's like blaming Block Buster for having crappy movies available for rent.

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PhantomT14123170d ago

This talks a lot about the quality...

Kushan3170d ago

They're 1st generation NVGs, they'll work, they just wont be the best you can get today. Still they'll be pretty cool to have, but they're not supposed to be used in any practical sense. If you want a really good, solid pair of NVGs, go out and buy a proper pair (and be prepared to pay a few thousand for them). If you want a kickass collector's item, get the MW2 prestige edition.

SixZeroFour3170d ago

agreed...did anyone actually expect to get high quality NVG's for about $100 when the real top of the line ones cost a couple thousand dollars?

SCThor3170d ago

Most hardware now-days is made in china...including the Xbox360, so think twice when you equal china=low quality

n4f3170d ago

those are toy not gen1, there not even qualified to be on the field

Kushan3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

No, they're real night vision goggles, they just use a VERY early design principal. And by early, I MEAN early, circa 1935. The reason they're not certified to be used on the field is because they're useless today - they work by lighting up the battlefield using an infra-red light. Modern NVGs simply pick up ambient IR light, meaning if you brought one of these out into the battlefield, you'd be lit up light a Christmas tree to anyone using a set of NVGs made after the 1950's or 60's - hardly what you want when you're trying to be discrete.

IdleLeeSiuLung3170d ago

I don't know much about NVG, but I always thought those were expensive as hell. I will be getting the hardened edition or regular. Don't want to spend $150 on MW2, although it is tempting.

Already getting NGS2 CE, Halo 3:ODST Regular Edition and MW2. Maybe Muramasa and Wii Sports Resorts. That's like what $200+ right there.

n4f3170d ago

i will repeat again those are toy made by a toy factory. the reason why they are not qualified it because those are toy . the older one are use for training purpose.

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MGOelite3170d ago

man these look soooo cheap, i bet theres like a £20 manufacturing costs and there nocking on a extra £60

SeanScythe3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Chinese toy factory you mean sweat shop right? Yeah good thing I didn't waste my money on the prestige edition. These goggles look very cheap.

SolidMGSnake3170d ago

Wonder how many people will cancel their preorders now.

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