Gamervision: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Review

Gamervision writes:
"The first Professor Layton title came out of nowhere. When Professor Layton and the Curious Village was released no one really knew what to expect, and everyone was impressed with what Nintendo and Level 5 had created. It was an assortment of puzzles tied together with a plot, something that wouldn't have been so entertaining if it wasn't done so damn well. The story and characters were incredibly charming, and the game had some of the best animated cutscenes on the handheld. When the game's instruction manual was cracked open, gamers were met with the promise of not only an entertaining game, but a another title within a year or so. As it turned out, Layton was nothing new in Japan, and a sequel was already released by the time the first game reached American shores. Now, finally, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box has been released, and should hold us over until we get the third game in the series. Then the fourth."

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