Podcast: EvilCast Recap, Episode #1

GrE writes, "What's this? Another new podcast from GamesAreEvil? Yeah, with a newly re-launched daily news update, we decided that it might be a good idea to reflect back on what made the last week so awesome in news. Along with a recap of the news, we have a topic of the week and a preview of what is on the review stack for the GamesAreEvil Staff! This week, Ross Polly joins us with his discussion topic: MMO Subscriptions. Check it out, there is new evil to be done!..."

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Neco5123171d ago

Good to see that they are getting back to the longform podcast once and a while.

roblef3171d ago

I wish I had that kind of time to listen to it.

wondroushippo3171d ago

GamesAreEvil has the power to be a podcasting force.

Haly3171d ago

Good idea with the recap

roblef3171d ago

It's like the original EvilCast - long, drunken, and full of goodness!

bgrundman3171d ago

Well not quite so drunken, but just as fun.