Juggernaut DLC Coming Soon to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

JPS Reports: "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 releases tomorrow, and Activison is already gearing up to release a bit of DLC. The Juggernaut Playable Character Teaser is now available on the XBOX Live Marketplace. If you're a fan of Juggernaut(and who isn't) make sure to check it out tomorrow when the game drops.

These DLCs applies to both XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. The following pack are just preview packs that will allow you to play with your friends who downloaded the Juggernaut DLC."

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Simon_Brezhnev3140d ago

i could had sworn i already saw the dlc for juggernaut in the psn store last thursday for 2.99

Daver3140d ago

yes its free now i think and already available

rhood0223140d ago

Yup. Already available on PSN. And it's free.