New Just Cause 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

GrE writes, "Eidos have released the latest trailer for Just Cause 2. This one shows off just what the new grapple and parachute can do in the sandbox game that is looking increasingly impressive. Be warned, if you don't like heights, this trailer isn't for you. It really does show off just how spectacular the surroundings are in Just Cause 2.

There is still no official release date for the game other than sometime in 2010, but we at GamesAreEvil truly can't wait to see more of this awesome looking title. If the gameplay matches the graphics, it truly will be a force to be reckoned with..."

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bgrundman3051d ago

Hopefully this is as open as the first one was.

Haly3051d ago

This looks like it could be great. I found the original to be very underrated

CrAppleton3051d ago

I thought the same thing, but it still needed alot of work to be great. Hopefully they have done that this time around.

Neco5123051d ago

they just need to execute on it properly.

El_Colombiano3051d ago

Isn't that main problem games gave?

mrv3213051d ago

Well some games don't even get the interesting concept right. Let's look at the concept for Far Cry 2

Player must wander round for HOURS looking for a guy who will then give him the location of another guy who'll give you malaria pills which is a useless adition
A player must find another guy to talk about a mission after fighting some guy
The player then must DRIVE more stopping to fight more guys to get to the mission
The player must DRIVE to get reward.

wondroushippo3051d ago

Looks pretty cool. Might have to consider picking this one up.

2Spock3051d ago

Well i never played the first one. It looks very fun to play, i am concerned on if it will get repetitive or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.