The Beatles: Rockband Freezing During Songs

We all love playing The Beatles Rockband but what happens when it freezes?

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Pennywise3051d ago

My guess would be, cry and write an article.

Some people might just reset their console. Maybe even make sure their console has enough breathing space.

dkblackhawk3051d ago

obviously you didn't read the article, it clearly states that it only freezes for a few seconds don't have to reset your console...

Pennywise3051d ago

I have played through story mode two times on my PS3. I never even saw a frame stutter.

3051d ago
Mr_Bun3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

I thought Multiplats run better on the 360, lol...I guess it'll make it easier for the fanboys to count pixels when the screen is frozen

dkblackhawk3051d ago

lol, maybe they will actually find out how many pixels it has XD

Shakermaker3051d ago

...and it hasn't yet froze for me. Mine isn't installed to the HD though.

dkblackhawk3051d ago

That could be the reason, but who really knows...