Square posts epic Front Mission Evolved teaser

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Square Enix officially announced their reboot of the Front Mission franchise right before E3, but has been pretty quiet about it since then. It looks like they are getting ready to kick off it's full coming out party at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, for which they posted a new teaser trailer.

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gauntletpython3146d ago

I'm actually pretty excited that the new FM game will be an action game. I love the old strategy games, but I think there appeal is becoming increasingly limited. If this can strike the mark between Armored Core and Zone of the Enders, that would be AMAZING.

gaffyh3146d ago

Definitely a much better trailer than the ones they released before.

Gabe EatsWell3146d ago

Epic indeed. It looks a lot better now compared before.

shadowfox3146d ago

Teaser is really well done. Just jumped way high up on my radar.

Sarevok3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

knowing SE it will probably be only for xbox and pc. -rolls eyes-

Raoh3146d ago

3rd person action/shooter?

no thanks, why call it front mission instead of giving it new ip/title?

i liked the old rpg/strategy

Se wants to be american so badly they are willing to change their entire line up make up.