STP: Cannons Review

STP writes: "Pirates are a rough lot, constantly searching for treasure, hunting one another, and getting scurvy. However, they've enjoyed a cultural resurgence for some time now, and many games have adopted them as their theme. Cannons is one of these games, and though its simple name doesn't say much about its content, it holds a great deal of puzzling for the crafty pirate at heart.

The game and all of its modes are based on a board that holds a series of differently-shaped pieces of fuse. On one end is a column of cannons, and on the other side there is nothing visible, though we assume there is a vat of oil. When there is a path connected to each side, a torch lights on one end and brings the flame throughout every connected piece to the cannons, firing each one it reaches. The pieces are rotated by touching them, and you can even rotate a few pieces after the fuse ignites, to reach more cannons."

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