Do Aggregator Sites Really Work?

Aggrogamer writes "With the proliferation of the Internet, becoming a "published" writer is easier than it has ever been in the history of the world. Blogs, social networks and other various tools give just about anyone the ability to give their voice a platform to be heard. This is especially evident in "games journalism." Hundreds of sites, including this one, vying for visitors and page views, are publishing everything from news to editorials to reviews. Doing whatever it takes to establish a reader base and either "be discovered" or turn the site from a hobby into a job. This means that the information is being disseminated faster than anyone could consume it. Enter in aggregator sites."

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Hades3052d ago

It's funny when you look at things like this as these sites wouldn't exist if it wasn't for people that post the news and articles. The funny part being that they hammer on sites that they don't like, the communities that is, and stick to the ones that think themselves bigger than Jesus. Or need to rely on using the Swine Flu or the Courtney Love drama to drive readers to their site. Maybe it is just me that finds it funny I guess.