StickSkills: NHL 10 Review writes, "NHL 10 nailed it when it comes to controls. When people clamored for less tape-to-tape passes and more realistic play along the boards, EA listened, without taking away the ability to play the way the game has been played since 08. Hardcore controls are optional, but not required. These controls take away the super accurate laser passes and huge hip checks. The introduction of the new Precision Passing system is one of the main differences in hardcore mode. Having to hold the right trigger for the right amount of time and putting the stick in the exact right position is a challenge, but it does add a ton to realism. With checking assistance gone and deking ability and puck control toned down, NHL 10 has finally found a way to give a noticeable difference in player types. Grinders will hit hard, but they won't be able to dance around and shoot perfectly. Conversely, snipers won't be able to crush people into the boards, but they will be able to hit the corners of the net more easily. When player types were first added to the NHL series, this was the ultimate goal. NHL 10 has finally been able to realize that goal and pulls it off well."

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BLPGaming3080d ago

Awesome review man, keep em coming

cyguration3080d ago

that EA said wasn't coming to PC and PS2?

stickskills3080d ago

Hm.. I can't remember to be honest. Wasn't NHL 09 on PS2 last year?

czach1r3080d ago

Wish I could afford this.

CMUchips3080d ago

What's the last NHL game you bought?