360 vs PS3 - Which Offers the Better Games?

Part three of a four part, pound-for-pound comparison of the Xbox 360 Elite and the PlayStation 3.

Ever wonder what system really outperforms the other in terms of quality games, and by how much? You'll find out here!

Numbers don't lie, and this article presents you, the reader, with the facts as to which system has the better review scores for multiplatform, exclusive-only titles, and the overall game library.

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Nitrowolf23228d ago

wow very interesting. who ever added all the reviews score to find an average have allot of time on their hand.

thedisagreefairy3228d ago

I would of wrote it on their site but i dont have a google account so here's my comment

The author is using a major flaw in judging scores by the multiplatform games.

He is using the site metacritic.
Not all review scores are by the same sites and magazines when it comes tot he ps3/360 versions.

there could be a xbox only magazine that rates a game 90/100 that will not be included on the ps3 review score.
and there could be a ps3 only site that reviews the same game and gives it a 80/100 cuz that particular reviewer didnt like the game as much , which will not be included on the xbox score.

the individual sites/magazines that arent included on both console scores for the same game will affect the game's final overall score for that particular console.

That is why this sites comparison is FLAWED for multiplatform games

himdeel3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

...has the best games. If you have them both then your games are awesome and the system question is a moot point.

Swiftfox3228d ago

Actually, in my opinion,I think owning both consoles causes more trouble than it's worth, especially this generation.

meepmoopmeep3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

surely this is subjective to each person's opinion/tastes?

why not just get all the consoles and not miss out and each's great games?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I really think, from this point onward, PS3 is going to dominate. Sony has finally taken the gloves off and gotten serious. They are finally about to start releasing their heavy hitters(GoW3, GT5, The Last Gaurdian, etc) not to mention they have plenty of exclusives on the way (U2, MAG, Agent, Demon Soul's, WKC etc) and a couple more to announce at TGS.

MS, on the other hand, have a void in their lineup, and it seems they intend to fill it w/ DLC. GTA, CoD, Fallout3, all these games feature DLC exclusive to the 360. Then you have MS adding all these features to the 360 like Twitter and Facebook, which are great, I geuss, if your into that thing, but don't really enhance the gaming. The future lineup for the 360 is filled with some iffy titles(Splinter Cell, Alan Wake) and seems mostly dependant on MP games, but that will not distance them from the competition, no matter how much dlc they get.

And motion controls, whether they be from Sony or MS, have a long way to go before they make a significant impact on gaming, at this point I think its more about going after the casual market, which both consoles are lacking in. They aren't worried about appealing to the hardcore gamers.

jmare3228d ago

Now you're just using logic; shame on you. Logic has no place here.

Lifendz3228d ago

Articles like this are why i don't want to hear any sites bish about the fanboy climate. All they do is cater to it! Which system has this or is PSN better than Live or will PS3 dominate this gen. Who are these articles written for? I comment on them but I don't read them. It doesn't matter. It's all subjective. All that matters are the games. Try telling a Halo fan that MS isn't dropping anything. Same with a Forza fan. One guy told me the only game he's buying this year is Modern Warfare 2. It's all about what you like.

We won't know who'll win this gen. But in the end I don't think any gamer will say this gen disappointed.

Christopher3228d ago

My only issue is the use of metacritic as the source. For all games, they fail to put all of the reviews up. It's a very skewed source of averages. GameRankings tends to be much better, IMHO.

Also, you should do this type of comparison by region, not overall.

Poopface the 2nd3228d ago

why? cause if your happy with your decision/s then the other systems should not matter at all to you. If you find yourself constantly comparing and trashing the other system, clearly you care that it exists. I wanted a 360 and a ps3. I got them and I dont care about the wii. So what do I do? I play on my consoles and really couldnt care less about the wii.

swiftfox-- how is owning more than one console more trouble than its worth? Alot of people can find games that they like on any console. Since I already had a 360 should I have not bought a ps3? Or does this only apply to not buying a 360? What about all the people with a wii, should they not want to own a hd console because they already have the wii. Youll find that the people who prefer to own only 1 console are the minority. That doesnt mean that they DO own more than one, but most gamers play on more than one platform be it ps3, 360, wii, PC, DS, PSP or even ps2.

HDgamer3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Lol subjective.

BattleAxe3228d ago

It only does everything!

cyberwaffles3228d ago

i completely agree. look at bioshock for example. when the game released, game informer gave bioshock a perfect 10/10 and then a year later it comes on the ps3 and they gave the exact same game (with extra content and a harder difficulty mode) a lower score of 9/10. the two games were carbon copies yet the ps3's version got lowered for some reason.

also, how does the ps3's version of batman get a lower score when it has exclusive DLC and again, is the same exact game as the 360 version?

it's not a big deal, but you're right the comparisons aren't consistent.

randomwiz3228d ago

"how does the ps3's version of batman get a lower score when it has exclusive DLC and again, is the same exact game as the 360 version?"

I totally agree, this just shows you how inaccurate metacritic is

3XP3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

What makes this system flawed also is the simple way numbers can be minipulated to come to a desired result. The original question was "360 vs PS3 - Which Offers the Better Games?" Well, let's see how do I answer that? Do I: A - base it on a compiled average of scores that a particular console have at a certain rating? Or B - base it on the shear number of games the console has in a certain rating.

If one console averages 45% of it's game library at 90% rating or better but only has 100 games, while the other console averages 38% percent of it games at 90% rating or better but that console has 400 games in that category, which one has better games.

Some people measure better games based on the "number" of quality games to choose from while others may base it on "average" metascore.

So basically, this article only says what the author wants it to say.

I personally would base mine on how many top quality games I can choose from, so that would make me a shear numbers guy. Averages can be played with too easily, especially when you can pick and choose the criteria (by year, by rating, etc.).

Edit: Although, there are people buying consoles for games that are coming out in the future, there are just many people buying consoles for games that are already out that they have been wanting to play.

NewZealander3228d ago

ok this is a hard one, first im just going to say that since i got my slim my 360 has hardly been touched.

but 360 dose offer some awesome games, especially with fable 3 mass effect 2 and halo reach coming, i would take gears over killzone any day, i just couldnt get into KZ2.

but ps3 has uncharted and MSG4, those games alone are reason to buy a ps3.

its pretty much a tie to me, i know 360 has no good new exclusives right now, but it has some great games that will be back soon enough, its been a pretty pathetic year for 360 owners for sure.

either way both consoles have great exclusives, get both and play em all.

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roblef3228d ago

"best" is so subjective, though. if you like FPS, shooters and Multiplayer, 360 has it hands down. If you like more innovative, single player games, then I'll say PS3 has it covered.

CrAppleton3228d ago

I disagree, the PS3 may have more original games, but the 360 has a much stronger library

wondroushippo3228d ago

I'm with CrAppleton. Also, I think the 360's software and user experience is far superior - it works better as a gaming machine. The PS3's not bad, it's just that I think a lot of gamers will have trouble justifying both.

Killjoy30003228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I'm not going to try to state my opinion as fact, but games like Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, The Last Guardian,God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Mod Nation Racers and Motorstorm simply cannot be found on any other platform. For me, PS3 offers the most original and unique games ever released, whereas 360 gets more of the same stuff we've seen last generation with a technical boost. (see Halo 3)

How any could say PS3 has no good exclusives when they're coming out with the most first party games ever is beyond me. Where 360 puts their money in marketing and low-blow price cuts, Sony is putting it into their creative first party studios.

In my opinion, PS3 hands down has the better games. My 360 has been collecting dust with Gears 2 in the disk tray for months because nothing good has come out for 360 in a long ass time. While my PS3 has been treated to Killzone 2, inFamous, and MLB 09 The Show. After all this stuff, I have Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, R&C, and Demon Souls to get to.

DelbertGrady3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I'm not going to try to state my opinion as fact, but games like Halo 3, Gears of War 1 & 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Crackdown 1 & 2 and Fable 2 simply cannot be found on any other platform. For me, Xbox 360 offers the most original and unique games ever released, whereas PS3 gets more of the same stuff we've seen last generation with a technical boost. (see MGS 4, Killzone 2, GT5, God of War 3)

In my opinion, Xbox 360 hands down has the better games. My PS3 has been collecting dust with MGS 4 in the disk tray for months because nothing good has come out for PS3 in a long ass time. While my 360 has been treated to Shadow Complex, Halo Wars, Star Ocean 4, numerous DLC packs for Fallout 3, Splosion Man, GTA IV: Lost & Damned, Trials HD, Ninja Blade. After all this stuff, I have tons of superior multiplat games to look forward to as well as Halo: ODST, Forza Motorsport 3, Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV: The ballad of Gay Tony and Magnacarta 2 to get to.

Killjoy30003228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Soda Popinsky, you just failed so hard. I was clearly speaking in terms of originality. Go play Gears 2 or something instead of beating a dead forum horse by duplicating my comment to benefit yourself. You look like that kid in a Kindergartend math class that constantly mimmicks people to piss them off.

All I'm saying is, I prefer PS3, and if you don't like it then I'm sorry. So go play that mindless shooter you were going to get to (see Halo 3, Gears of War 2....Oh wait, those are really the only ones exclusive...)

DelbertGrady3228d ago

It goes both ways. And I'm sorry the PS3 has no shooters, or multiplayer games for that matter, that can compete with Halo 3 and Gears 2.

Syronicus3228d ago

It just made sense to me. IMHO

Seraphemz3228d ago

Soda, some of those games you named actually can be played in other platforms.. such as a PC.

So in your case, your statement is mostly false...

3228d ago
Lifendz3228d ago

and this is just my opinion, but I think the PS3 has the better library and that's going off of what's out now, what's soon to hit, and what's coming next year.

But that's me. If you feel that Halo 3, Halo ODST, Mass Effect, Forza, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell make the 360 better, and you don't mind paying a fee to game online cuz of the features, then more power to you.

Irnbruguy3228d ago

I'll just go play my Resistance 2 with 60 man online...


3228d ago
bjornbear3228d ago

You people stop repeating the same damn names please?

"Halo and Gears" "Halo and Gears""Halo and Gears" "Halo and Gears""Halo and Gears" "Halo and Gears""Halo and Gears" "Halo and Gears""Halo and Gears" "Halo and Gears""Halo and Gears" "Halo and Gears".....

WOW! I'm intimidated.../s

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 = FPS multiplayer...Gears is not FPS..its TPS

And agreed, PS3 has nothing to compete with it....until October...then UC: AT comes out, and Gears goes out the window...

So please, use more...powerful arguments that touting the only 2 games that apparently seem to matter on the 360...

HDgamer3228d ago

If we deny your biased and ignorant opinion then we are in denial. Wow thats delusional for ya. You're a joke.

Ausbo3228d ago

the 360 has 78 titles over 80
the ps3 has 42 over 80
granted, the 360 came out first.

Killjoy30003228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Call of Duty 4, Killzone 2, Warhawk, Socom Confrontation, Resistance 2, RSV2 and MGO aren't good shooters?? GTFO. You're the kind of scum that makes gamers look bad. I feel so sorry for you that you cannot experience games on both platforms, because I own both Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 and I'm going to tell you right now that there are shooters that easily compete/beat out those on 360.

And man I love it when people pretend DLC counts as a game. I also love when they're living in a world where Madden 07 is just coming out and they still think all the multiplats blow away PS3. Well, so far I've downloaded all multiplat demos on both systems from 2008 and up and see absolutely no difference. But seeing as how Killzone 2 has come out, and Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 are coming out soon, I guess you must justify inferior hardware somehow. (I must hand it to you though, you do a pretty good job at alienating others that it's still a period around ps3's launch /Sarcasm)

And by justifying the 360s line-up with a shooter argument, you just proved my point that all 360 has is mindless shooters and no originality. If you were a true gamer, you'd be excited to play something as unique and different as Heavy Rain, flOwer, Fat Princess, Metal Gear Solid 4, and LittleBigPlanet. But you're not because you'd rather make biased arguments in favor of one system.

Well, have fun.

RedPawn3228d ago


For some of you naive kids trying to play at the beach, when you only own a litter box, you've only helped soil such a great venue. Some of you act as if having shovelware games in your library is impressive. That's like saying the more red marks I have on a test the better my grade will be. For the record.

SNES vs Genesis, was a battle
PSX vs Saturn, was a battle
PS2 vs Dreamcast was a battle

Thiis Gen is the butt end joke of jokes, MS is NOT Competition, they're bidding their time with nothing to fall back on.
That's how you spot those new to gaming cause the ones who've been around know there product and games.
Microsoft had to launch first, cause they knew as soon as Nin & Sony came, over a year later, that the proverbial foot would be in that @$$.

It's called biding ones time.

Dragun6193228d ago

"It goes both ways. And I'm sorry the PS3 has no shooters, or multiplayer games for that matter, that can compete with Halo 3 and Gears 2." - Soda popsinsky

Last time I checked, PS3 is the one that's pushing Online Mutliplayer.

Resistance: Fall of Man - 40 players online
Killzone 2 - 32 players online
Resistance 2 - 60 players online + 8 player co-op
Warhawk - 32 players online along with 4 player split screen at the same time.
M.A.G. - 256 players online

Compared to Gears of war 2 still stuck at 10 player online with long matchmaking and Halo 3 at 16 player online. Hell, it doesn't even end there, Forza 3 has 8 players online while Gran Turismo supports 16 players online. Yea, PS3 has no shooters or mutliplayer games.

Ravage273228d ago

My job doesn't allow me to game as much as i used to, and i still have not tried games like Bioshock and GTA4.

I'm very pleased with my PS3 so far, and one look at the upcoming exclusives tells me that it's not going to change anytime soon. I never cared for halo,fable is too shallow for my taste, and I played Mass Effect on my i don't think i missed out much.

mega BIG time3227d ago

gabe what the hell, did you eat your 360? I thought u hated the ps3?!

Wh15ky3227d ago

Although I agree with you that MS(or the 360 specifically) is not competition for Sony, I don't agree with you that the Saturn and Dreamcast were.

The SNES v Mega Drive was the only past 'battle' that you mentioned that dwarves this 'console war'.

The 360 is every bit as competitive as the Saturn and Dreamcast, in fact that's doing it a slight disservice as the Dreamcast was discontinued at this point last gen.

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3228d ago
Kill Crow3228d ago

one of the best and most polsihed and greatest selling FPS of all time compared to a childish arcade game (sold as a full priced game but reduced to penny's after no one initiall bought it).

Keep rolling droids ... yes ... in your own doo doo ... well done

3228d ago
Whitefox7893228d ago

Liked the Fantastic Four quote you did there :D

TheOutsider3228d ago

Keep talking your sh*t Fatass!! but in the end! Ps3 games DESTROY your xbox defecty! HA HA little big planet is just 1 of many many games that we can b*tch slap master bater chief with!HA HA HA REmember it ONLY DOES EVERYTHING!!

borgome3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

XBOX hands down, if you think otherwise you are either a computer nerd, only like japanese style games, or somebody who stll lives in your parents basement and has never been laid.

Whitefox7893227d ago

I remember back in the old days when playing even a single video game clarified you as a nerd, but things change when they become mainstream don't they?

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ToastyMcNibbles3228d ago

whats that phrase i hear a lot on youtube..."irrefutable, factual evidence" Trey 4 Life

jahcure3228d ago

that you didn't remove all the dlc segments that received individual socres? or counted all the hasbro titles as individual?

wondroushippo3228d ago

And therein lies the problem with just raw addition and services like Metacritic - not every game can be weighted equally, I think.