Editorial: A World Beyond the Unreal

TheGameReviews writes: "Epic's versatile toolset has powered nearly one hundred games in the past four years, including titles like Gears of War, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fatal Intertia and even the abysmal Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. While the ease of development offered by centralized engines is fantastic, the visual similarities between games that run on the same engine is often uncanny. So what gives?"

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cain1413199d ago

I love seeing games that look good but don't use unreal. It's a breath of fresh air...

shoinan3199d ago

Even the most original-looking Unreal games are still identifiably Unreal. Everyone using the same engine just ain't gonna work.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33199d ago

IDK, Bioshock was pretty amazing for an unreal game.

And what about Mirrors Edge, Arkum Asylum, Splinter Cell, Borderlands, or Mass Effect?

I think the real problem is lazy devs, games using the unreal engine fail just as much because of their lack of interesting gameplay.

Reibooi3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I can't stand the UE3 anymore. The games that run on it all look to similar. If you can tell the game is running on a certain engine just from looking then the engine is getting to old. UE3 makes everything looks like plastic and the worst thing about it are the glitches. Nearly every single game running on UE3 has a mass amount of glitches. Even the games from the devs who MADE the engine itself Epic. It's quite sad really.

However we keep getting other devs using it despite the fact that the games don't look that good.

@Tony Scarboni

While all those games looked somewhat different you could still tell they were UE3 just by looking. In Mirror's Edge I knew the second I saw the blond hair girl in the opening tutorial because it looked like she had a giant plastic wig on instead of real hair. With Mass Effect everything looked to fake and artificial. Also if you are referring to Splinter Cell Conviction that game doesn't run on UE3 it uses a heavily modified version of UE 2.5 which is why it doesn't look like all the other games out there using UE3

SirLarr3199d ago

I agree that licensed toolsets tend to drag down artistic individuality a bit, but the flipside is that a lot of those games wouldn't even exist were it not for toolsets.

Lost Odyssey ran on Unreal 3 and managed to look a bit different, although it did sport that trademark texture pop-in.

I think the real problem is that the market doesn't support individuality. Halo, a game as mundane and average as they come, did several times better than XIII or Killer 7.

Killjoy30003199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Mirror's Edge looked quite different than anything released yet that game managed to seperate itself from the crowd quite easily. I think devs should just take more time in stretching the tech.

By the way, I don't condone UE3 spamming, but it has gotten this generation a head start in visual fidelity. But sadly, it is very outdated now (see RSV2), and needs to be heavily modified before being considered a proper implementation into a game. Ultimately, it's just a get out of jail free card when it comes to developing.

Reibooi3199d ago

Even though Mirror's Edge and Lost Odyssey did manage to look a bit different it didn't change the fact that you can tell they were running UE3.

In the case of Lost Odyssey you can see by looking at the concept art how little the engine was able to capture the games art style and how a engine built from the ground up for the game would have probably been a better choice(but seeing as they would not have been able to afford it thats meaningless anyway).

stewie328873199d ago

I don't know. Sometimes I think I prefer there being a strong visual engine out there for wide use so developers can spend more time on the gameplay. Of course that could just be wishful thinking on my behalf.

cain1413199d ago

If that were the reality we were facing I would whole heartedly agree with you and chose gameplay over graphics...

reddevilyi3199d ago

The problem with the unreal engine isn't with the actual engine. Many games use unreal and don't fall into the Gears of War clone category. The problem is that these devs are just grabbing unreal and making their own version of Gears of War.

dirthurts3199d ago

I uses the Unreal engine. Looks amazing, and totally different from everything out there.

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