Scribblenauts To Get UK Localisation

NowGamer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that English gamers will be able to write trousers instead of pants in it's upcoming word-em-up

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Lucreto3111d ago

I never thought about Americanisms, glad they are putting in proper english. I hope the proper selling in included I want armour,colour and subsidised not armor, color and subsidized.

josh143993111d ago

isnt pants commonly used in the uk aswell. i never use the word trousers and i dont know many people who do.

Lucreto3111d ago

I never heard anyone say pant in the UK or Ireland it was always trousers. Some people watch too much US TV. :)

peeps3111d ago

yeh lol if some1 in the uk says pants it's likely they're referring to underwear

josh143993111d ago

maybe where you live but where i live not many people call them trousers apart from old people.

Jamescagney3111d ago

I've never met anyone born in the uk who call trousers pants. Young or old.

mrv3213111d ago

Glad to know they Americanized the game...

Sangria3111d ago

I wonder if the rest of Europe will ever get this game.

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