PS3 Slim vs Xbox – Or have them both?

"For the first time in decades, gamers have the opportunity to pay the same amount for very similar competing consoles"

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AntMad3232d ago

But I think we all know which would be the best choice

JosieKelly3232d ago

While I agree the Slim is the best choice (I'm assuming here) it's not that simple for everyone

mintaro3232d ago

Well for the price of the launch PS3 you cant both, with 1 or 2 games so why not.

Citroen3232d ago

Yead I agree, getting both is the absolute best choice

bmatthews3232d ago

The article never states which is the best choice

PS360DS3232d ago

Not everybody can afford both...

Jamie Foxx3232d ago

360 has what ps3 lacks...GAMES? wtf

rucky3232d ago

This is one of those free product ads disguise as an article! WTF is wrong with you people!

ThanatosDMC3232d ago

PS3. "It can only do EVERYTHING!"

Seriously, most games are coming for both consoles anyway. But then GOTY exclusive games... well, we know where those are gonna be or are.

thedisagreefairy3232d ago

their site under the name Bryce to help clear things up for their readers

bothe consoles have good games

the site saying the ps3 has no games and a couple games they do list arent even on the ps3 but rather the psp, makes it very clear the author has done no research and hasnt even checked to see whats out for the console.

hopefully their readers also check out the comment section to get a more balanced analysis

SIX3232d ago

A lot of people are saying get both. I disagree because until a certain company can get their failure rates down to a reasonable number I refuse to support them. By supporting them you are pretty condoning their behavior. This isn't a fanboy rant. I used to have all consoles and thought that the whole failure rate thing was a conspiracy. I found out the hard way unfortunately. Fortunately for me however, my collection of games where very small so I didn't put a huge investment into the system. My friends however cannot say that same. They've invested a lot of time and made many friends and bought many games. To them it's too late and I understand why they keep purchasing a faulty console over and over again. My two cents.

duplissi3232d ago

hmm one or the other..... or instead both!

obviously if you are capable you should have both, i mean why sell yourself out of the exclusives on either side?

they are very SIMILAR and very DIFFERENT at the same time. just because the last year or so havent been as good for the xbox as far as games are concerned does not mean it will stay this way, and in the same vein the games coming out for the ps3 have been phenomenal, but upcoming games could suck.

WenisWagon3232d ago

How about have neither because both are garbage, overpriced pieces of junk.

Alvadr3232d ago

PS3 is the easy choice, but both systems are so cheap now that you might as well get both and have complete access to all the greatest games in the current gen library

JsonHenry3232d ago

I have both. I rarely play either one, but I use the 360 every day for Netflix. If it was not for LiveArcade titles I would barely play on the 360.

The PS3 collects dust unless I need a blu-ray player.

But it is summer time, no games to play really. And after I play all of this fall's GREAT PC games, I will start renting console games and I am sure I will get plenty of mileage out of both consoles.

Multi-Console Owner3232d ago

I have a Phat PS3 and a 360 and I'm happy :)

Microsoft Xbox 3603232d ago

To be honest, I rather buy 2 PS3 slims. Nothing on the 360 interests me.

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OperationFlashpoint23232d ago

bang for buck: go with the Ps3 Slim

JosieKelly3232d ago

TBH I'd agree the amount of stuff you get for $299 by buying a slim is unmatched.

Citroen3232d ago

That's why I got one, been waiting for a price cut and once it came I snatched the opportunity, it's a steal at $299 :)

dustgavin3232d ago

You could always buy the 360 if you need an extra space heater. Although...I suspect many 360 owners take comfort in their RROD night light.

CestusGOWIII3232d ago

another article that says PS3 has no games...!

what are we back in 2006? is that what's happened?

PS360DS3232d ago

You got to think though...if they couldn't hang on to that as a criticism what would they use...?

D4RkNIKON3232d ago

Haha, they will hold on to that excuse as long as they can. My only question is how can they even say that in 09? They haven't had a solid lineup in 09 at all.

Syronicus3232d ago

They say it as if anybody looking to buy a 360 is going to run out and purchase all the 2k6 and 2k7 games released on the 360...

Sorry, but the only games that truly make any difference are those released within the last two years. Anything earlier is just fluff int he bargain bin and not everybody has time to play the back catalogs of sad early console release games.

Arnon3232d ago

Uhh... Halo 3 is still selling, and it was released in September of 2007.

Karlnag33232d ago

Halo 3 is still a mediocre shooter that hasn't even changed with ODST and still no1 cares. PS3 is better for me. I know, I have both.

Arnon3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

I think before you judge people, it would be best to click on their profile. That being said, I'm pretty sure that was the biggest contradiction I've ever seen.

"I know Halo 3 is still selling, but no one cares about Halo 3."

Also, why not just stick with your main account? You created that like, a month ago, right? You've hardly visited the site, let alone commented, yet you seem to know everyone around here. Is your main account banned from the Gamer Zone?

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lyvon3232d ago

"On the other hand, the Xbox 360 Elite has something that the PS3 lacks — GAMES."


bmatthews3232d ago

And here's me thinking the issue of the PS3 having no games had died...

Lol and LOL!

iNetWatch3232d ago

I guess when people run out of reasons to criticise the PS3, they have to bring a few reasons back from

Irnbruguy3232d ago

Beat me to it..motherflopper.
I did lol though...We've gone back in time.