Medal of Honor: Airborne Designer Diary #1 with New Screens and Gameplay Video

Producer Chris Busse explains how Medal of Honor: Airborne's "start anywhere" functionality lets the player choose the course of each battle.

From the diary:
"With the 'start anywhere' feature in Medal of Honor: Airborne, you no longer fade up from black or out of a cut scene at the start of a level. Nor do you run along a rail to the final objective; you choose where to begin your experience. Even more importantly, if you are curious about what might have happened had you started somewhere else in the operation, you can jump again and choose a new starting location…and again, and again, and again."

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tony4232d ago

non linear whatsoever. about time. some innovation. i hope it has multiplayer.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4232d ago

Could be a sure thing for EA and its about time. New screenshots look spectacular, I'm hyped. :)

candystop4232d ago

Now this game sounds pretty interesting!

shysun4231d ago

OH SNAP....A MOH game, that sounds great!!I'm so freaking happy!

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