Exclusive Video of Scribblenauts Launch Party | The Portable Gamer

The Portable Gamer's Michelle Lopez was at Sunday's Scribblenauts launch party, and reports back with exclusive coverage of the event, showcasing the festivities, gamers' first impressions, and interviews with 5th Cell's Jeremiah Slaczka and Brett Caird.

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bgrundman2988d ago

OMG, I am so looking forward to this game. I may end up buying a DS, just so I can play it.

roblef2988d ago

Yeah, I think this one will sell consoles.

Gabe EatsWell2988d ago

Yup, looking forward to it too. This is definitely one of the best and most creative games on the DS. Congrats to the creators of Scribblenauts. Bravo!

CrAppleton2988d ago

So when is this coming to the iPhone? It seems like a logical fit to me.

wondroushippo2988d ago

Given that it's all touchscreen-based...not long, I'd imagine

supercharger51502988d ago

but how big would it need to be for the iphone to really get the full game? Some things just aren't worth porting when you loose so much.

socomnick2987d ago

We'll the real ds game is only 9mb. Not a game that requires alot of space so it wouldnt take long for the iphone version.

wondroushippo2988d ago

Oh man, so wish I was there! And I need to make sure I get my rooster hat tomorrow!

Neco5122988d ago

There is a d1ck joke there just waiting to happen

Haly2988d ago

Really looking forward to this. Got to wait till Oct 9th though :(

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