The Sun review new Sony PSP Go

The Sun writes: "The PSP has long been made to stand in the shadow of the Nintendo DS.

Wrongly in my opinion.

Apart from a very small child's handful of games on the DS, Sony's bulky black number had much slicker grown up titles.

But bulky no more. Coming at the beginning of next month is the rather sexy wee PSPgo.

And with it are coming a bunch of cracking games for download.

Simply push the screen and the stick, and buttons are revealed underneath. It's a dinky package that will easily slip in your pocket..."

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Why Dat3230d ago

Short and sweet article. Got to the points very quickly. Decent read overall.

God.. I wish I had the cash for this, but too many good PS3 games coming out soon.

resistance1003230d ago

Wow first time anyones ever called the Sun a decent read lmao

Why Dat3230d ago

Are you offended or something? That wasn't my intention....

If you read the article, it isn't quite beefy, but it does get to the point. Hence, the reason I said "decent" (for those who were looking for a more detailed read).

Jeez... some people get so ancy easily.

resistance1003230d ago

No i just take it your not from England and that you missed the large amount of sarcasm in my post.

The Sun is a tabloid newspaper which is known more for topless girls than producing quality articles. Hense why i found it quite funny that someone called the sun a decent read.

saggyscrote3230d ago

a decent perv fest more like ;-)

ThanatosDMC3230d ago

Makes you wonder if they even actually held a PSP Go or they just summarized some other person's work...

Why Dat3230d ago

Oh.. I'm VERY sorry than Resistance. I'm not very good with the sarcasm detection.

I've been hit with subtle jabs by other users on N4G, when I didn't mean any offence in the first place.

Again, I apologize bro. Thanks for the heads up.

rockleex3230d ago

You don't have enough money for this?

Why's Dat?

Get it? :P

Why Dat3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Actually, I don't even like this username. I chose it to *iss off "Why Dis", since he/she trolled PS3/PSP news so hard.

And no I don't have enough for the PSP Go at the moment. I just paid for my college tuition and I have like 6 PS3's games on pre-order...

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badz1493230d ago

but should I go for 3000 or Go!? I don't think I'll ever need a 16GB card and I have 1 8GB card already sticking in my old 1000 but I just want a new 1. but the price of Go! is kinda switch me off when now a PS3 cost $299. a full-featured home entertainment system just $50 more than a handheld?? come on Sony, please adjust that price or you will see something like the early days of PS3 repeating itself again - this time with Go!

eagle213230d ago

Probably around the holidays.. :)

gunnerforlife3230d ago

darn i ave 2 get this next year or something. way 2 many games cuming out dis year:/

Jamescagney3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Great review.

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