Boxshot from WipEout HD (on Blu-Ray)

PS3Hype writes: 'Yesterday we've told you already that Sony will sell an Blu-Ray version from WipEout HD on the 16th of October. But today we've found the boxshot from WipEout HD (with Fury Included)!'

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Nambassa3201d ago

hmmmm not sure about the boxart. i wish it had more colour. I've never played any wipeout games but i'm thinking about getting this... it looks really fun!!

samich20073201d ago

ow its a great game. In the beginning its maby a little hard to play it because it goes really fast. But practicing in the singleplayer works very well, after some fast levels, you could go and race online! Thats a lot of fun!

Killjoy30003201d ago

I wish I would've been able to get this instead of downloading it because I love tangible copies. Will Fury be included on the disk? That would be killer.