Spawn Kill Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Comic Book Style

Snarkasaur of Spawn Kill provides a very fresh take on the mega-popular Batman: Arkham Asylum. He's taken a bit of a different approach – albeit a much more appropriate one – to reviewing this game. Check out the full article to see what he's done.

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rrquinta3080d ago

A great game... I'm about half-way through the story and enjoying every minute. I really like the way they've made an attempt to keep things from getting stale. Also a really creative review idea!!

tigresa3080d ago

Awesome comic-inspired way to review! I loved the creativity. As Batman deserves just that.

ihaten4glol3080d ago

Definitely want to see more reviews like this in the future!

K-Tuck3080d ago

This is pretty sweet.

theherp803080d ago

Good stuff! love the way the review looks. im going through the game very slowly but its good so far. need to finish it soon if i want to get good money on ebay for it.