Fall-Damage: The Beatles: Rock Band Review - Missing the Magic

From the redesign of the familiar note bars to the trippy interstellar performing environments this game has presentation perfected. The choice to allow up to 3 microphones so you can sing harmonies was the kind of inspired addition that has made this developer the kings of music games.

But for all that's right with this game, there's one glaring omission that simply makes this game LESS fun to play than its predecessors... and the blame can doubtless be laid at the feet of licensing.

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The_Darkest_Red3173d ago

This article is just worthless whining. I personally don't think Beatles is worth 60 dollars but this kind of complaining is just a little ridiculous.

Pennywise3173d ago

This article is full of tears. I can't believe his biggest complaint is the slider to change guitar sound.

Mixmoff3173d ago

Call it whining if you want, but the game lacks a handful of important features Rock Band players have come to expect.

It kills the immersion, and I think that's an important thing to consider when people are looking at buying this game.

I'm sorry you don't like my opinion... but it is what it is.

Pennywise3173d ago

Come to expect? It is a slider that changes the way your guitar sounds. Noone I know uses it for immersion, only by accident when their hand hits it.

I kind of like the removal of the drum roll. They were annoying when the beat is broken and you are following with guitar. They should of made it more like GH instead of random timing, but I am glad the roll is gone.

Mr_Bun3173d ago

It also doesn't come with the drugs (inspiration) for most of the songs or the bad hair about a deal breaker :/

Pennywise3173d ago

Oh man, some of those songs are a clear indication that The Beatles were WASTED.

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