Face-off: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 21

The cross-platform console games having been gradually piling up over the summer, and it's about time the decks were cleared to best ready ourselves for the upcoming Q4 gaming tsunami. On this particular occasion, eight recent titles are put to the test, including our very first multi-format PSN/XBLA face-off.

The gaming line-up is:
* Wolfenstein
* Battlefield 1943
* Virtua Tennis 2009
* Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
* G.I. Joe
* Fight Night: Round 4
* UFC: Undisputed
* Overlord II

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MysticStrummer3047d ago

*skips yet another comparison article*

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Nitrowolf23047d ago

round 21? wow that allot of flambait article from these guys.

roguewarrior3047d ago

SONYs 1st 2nd party studios don't seem to be having issues. Warhawk, Killzone 2, GT5, Uncharted 2, Someone please explain.

Captain Tuttle3047d ago

I figured this story wouldn't hit the front page.