LVLONE at Scribblenauts launch party at Nintendo World

Nintendo's launch party for Scribblenauts was this Sunday and the Lvlone crew was there to get a chance to buy the game early, meet the creative minds behind the game and eat some Scribblenauts themed cake.

Nintendo only does launch parties for really big games like Wii Sports Resort, and Pokemon titles. However the big N decided to change things up a little and throw a party for a brand new IP and a very original one at that. Nintendo really went above and beyond to promote Scribblenauts, every DS kiosk on the floor had a playable copy of the game and there several attendants walking around passing out free prizes. Free items included Scribblenauts themed pins, yo-yos, and of course notepads. Unforutnally by the time we got there they had ran out of the free red hats that Maxwell, the main character wears in the game...

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