PlayStation Store sales jump on new firmware release

Doublesix has told that sales of its PSN title Burn Zombie Burn have jumped 40 per cent following the release of the 3.00 firmware upgrade for the PlayStation 3.

The update adds the What's New panel to the system, highlighting the latest additions to the PlayStation Store without users having to go online, and offering direct links to content.

"We're ecstatic at the 3.00 upgrade because not only have our sales gone up 40 per cent since the update but for me personally it's what I've been calling for and looking forward to for a long time," said James Brooksby, studio head at Doublesix.

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Pennywise3145d ago

I am so in touch with everything that is releasing advertising doesn't matter to me. I am surprised how much advertisements can help with sales for games that have been out a while. I guess these people do not browse the store weekly.

gaffyh3145d ago

Isn't it more likely that it's due to the sales of the PS3 slim and the new PS3 owners?

Pennywise3145d ago

I guess, but after reading Jack Burtons response below... Ads help I guess.

loadstone0073145d ago

When FW 3.0 came out I immediately saw that this whole update is about better marketing. I hate it.
I'm happy for their increased sales figures, but for me, the end user, it's just insulting. Instead of delivering innovative and advanced features we are asking for, we get more ads and a ticker with ads that can't be removed. Damn you Sony, you sometimes make me question why I chose you over the Xbox 360.

Pennywise3145d ago

Boohoo. Cry instead of finding solutions. I NEVER have to look at whats new unless I want to and the ticker can be shut off. Do your research before crying like a little baby.

Malebaria3145d ago

Would you rather pay for a service which still has ads then?

loadstone0073145d ago

As far as I know, the Xbox has nothing similar to the PS3 in terms of ads.
Paying a few dollars a year for their robust network experience is starting to look not so bad. But i'm still a loyal PS3 user, just hate Sony's BS.

Mr_Bun3145d ago

Uhhh, you're kidding right?....The very first thing that starts up is "What's New"....did you miss that EVERY TIME you turn on the 360?

Pennywise3145d ago

I can smell a bots alt account from a mile away... and you stink.

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