Edge - Time Extend: Midwinter

Everyone who knows Midwinter knows it's about scale. 160,000 square miles of explorable terrain. 32 playable characters who, in their fight for survival against a would-be dictator, can work solo or in coordination to create billions of possible strategic combinations. Snowmobiles, skis, hang-gliders and more at your disposal.

A fleet of enemy craft that can be destroyed with missiles, grenades and well-placed sniper bullets. Or, equally devastatingly, can be picked at with cruel precision, gunning down generals and supply vehicles until the rest desert in desperation. Pilots, doctors and engineers serve vital roles, as do local civilians – frail old ladies and quick-thinking children able to use their innocent appearance to help the resistance.

Even now, it would be a game whose scope would guarantee it attention. Released at the end of the 1980s, what it promised was barely imaginable. Playing it felt like time travel – a sneak peak at the blueprint that showed how games were going to be. It was then, and is now, an enormous accomplishment.

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