New BlackSite: Area 51 Alien Invasion Gameplay.

It's absolute chaos through this gas station as aliens come to town and they look mad!

Click link for HD version.

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TheMART4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Jees!!! Where did this one came from? I mean I saw some early trailers, but the effects, the physics, the rain pooring on buildings and besides walls... It's insane already for an early demo!

Instant Resistance killer, watch those aliens, how they move, how they fall, how they die. I've seen some from Resistance, but this looks cleaner, sharper, better. Damn another game on my list...

Get the demo now, it's downloadable on XBL Marketplace!

@ Natural (below)

Well you aren't a Natural gamer for sure, because you haven't seen this baby running on a 360 probably.

I've seen MGS2, but the rain and water effects are nothing like this Area 51 effects dude. You can't even compare it from this video to the real thing on 720p on a HDTV.

Ah well ignorant Sony droids I guess you're so sad about your bad investment you can't stand that the 360 just is doing things better I guess. Did I already mention the aliens? Have you seen those PS2 movements of Resistance Aliens when they are shot down? There goes your moral

@ Neogeo (below)

On your 360 as you lied in another thread you have one?


Hah. At my 360 I played the demo dude. I played some of the game while you are only watching footage on the internet.


General4234d ago

Played it on the marketplace and wow....Did you see that ending with the shockwave!? That took my breath away!

And MART? Whats your Gamertag?

techie4234d ago

how'd a multiplatform game running on UE3 get into a console mart

JasonPC360PS3Wii4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Because in the real world multiplatform games run better on the 360 deep and Sony fans live in denile of that real world. Devs seem to like the 360 more, thats why 360 fans get these multiplatform demos and games first. The mass majority of multiplatfom videos we see here at N4G, gamtrailers, or Gamevideos/1up are almost allways running on 360s not PS3s. Why is that? Not to mention milti games are for the most part released on the 360 first, while PS3 fans end up waiting for multi games that end up with framerate issues or poor quality. I live in a realistic world and that world tells me that the PS3 just isn't worth my hard earned money. Not when I can get the same thing "better" on the 360 with a cheaper price tag and "LIVE"

Actually NeoGeo hes probably playing the real demo right now from Xbox Live marketplace, the one you see from the video above. Can you say the same thing about the PS3, where is your demo?

neogeo4234d ago

You looking at a PS3 game that you love so much. yes fool. your looking at the PS3 verison.


gta_cb4234d ago

i have to stick up for TheMart on this one, yeh i know he can come out with some pretty fanboyish comments, but then again so do other people, but in his comment above, there wasnt anything fanboyish or anything that would indicate he was trying to start a flamewar. he is just excited about a game coming out, and about the demo thats already out.

i for one am really excited about it, and i havnt even had a chance to play the demo i downloaded yesterday! so if i said i have heard loads of good reviews and people should go download it, then would you go

how'd a multiplatform game running on UE3 get into a console gta_cb?

marionz4234d ago

cool i wanted a game like resistance on the 360, i liked RFOM despite the [email protected] graphics
this game will slaughter resistance, the demo was awesome and yeah the shockwave at the end blew me away and left me wanting more!

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nix4234d ago

that looked decent enough... but why is it lagging so much..? anyway.. damn only if they came out with a third person or atleast had an option... sigh!

naturalgamer4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

looks very very decent - you guys have probably never played a ps3 game.

neva mind!!!

@theMART .... wow ... rain dropping down the walls. i've seen that in Metal Gear Solid 2 man!!!

nix4234d ago

why did you have to tell him that rain thing was already there on MGS2? LOL!!! q:

gta_cb4234d ago

i wanna know if your gonna change your name to biased gamer lol, if you are i am deff gonna watch out for your comments and see if people start taking your bubbles away lol.

seriously are you going to?...

alsef074234d ago

If you're smart, you have a xbox 360, if you're smarter you will go to xbox marketplace and download this demo! the graphics are amazing, even though this is the shortest demo..anyways its free so f$ck it

neid4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

After I shot the gas sign board, one of the guy said,
"I hate the prices,too" or something similar to it.
Had me LOL!. Very nice graphics and gameplay for a demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.