CVG: Supercar Challenge Review

CVG writes: "There are things we like about Supercar Challenge. In the face of razzle dazzle racers like Colin McRae: DIRT 2 and Need For Speed: SHIFT, dripping with over-the-top production values, it's refreshing to play an honest simulation racer.

Especially one that features a wealth of real-world circuits, a high-end line-up of motors like the Maserati MC12, Koenigsegg CCX, McLaren F1, and of course, enough Ferrari's to make the Sultan of Brunei jealous.

Learning curve
However, the actual driving - the meat of the game - left us disappointed. The simulation handling mode provides a real challenge - in fact, it goes a bit beyond. Turn off all the assists and you're opting for realism at the expense of gaming, but herein lies the game's biggest flaw..."

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