VidZone Update Now Live

Version 1.04 vastly improves everyone's favourite music video service for the PS3, VidZone. A long list of new improvements, plus minor upgrades and bug fixes. The new patch is a big improvement, continue reading for more.

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Vitalogy3107d ago

Sound a really good update, saddly i can only try it later this year when this releases in Portugal :s

Oh and watch out guys, now everyone can see what you're watching... lets see who's watching lady gaga and bash them down haha xD LOL

LukaX233107d ago

At least you're getting it -_-

D4RkNIKON3107d ago

Yeah I wish this was in the states.. Some friends and I were jumping from theater to theater in home the other day watching videos and it was really cool to watch them at the same time and talk about them. They need personal spaces that are theaters so you can share movies and videos that are on your HDD with friends. XBL is going to let friends watch movies together with their avatars soon.

LoVeRSaMa3107d ago

This is a very cool update, my favorite feature being the "Now Playing" in the PSN friends list :D

Search being improved is also a godsend.

tripewire3107d ago

does anyone else have the annoying as f*** yellow background thing on vidzone? I cant see SH*T. Can I change it? HELP ME!

lordkemp0073107d ago

Updated mine, no problems to report. Took 3 minutes in total.

Full screen vids _ great.

Slight improvement in speed. Keyboard feature eases navigation.

However it still feels a smidge cumbersome finding your way around.

Redempteur3107d ago

Very good updates the response of the program is good and my cache went from 256mb to 856mb ..i love it !! my precious vidz loads in no time now

AXOi3107d ago

Im not too sure if I want other users to see exactly which video it is that I'm watching, because a lot of the time I watch a video for its video, not the music.

creamydingle3107d ago

lol me to AXOi i just watch the vids for the sexy ass chicks not the music for example check out call on me by eric prydz one sexy vid but if my friends keep seeing me watch this vid over and over what will they think lol

Pwee3107d ago

You can turn the thing that tells people what your watching off in settings!

And great update tbh, alot faster starting up, keyboard search and full screen videos = Win!

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The story is too old to be commented.