Live from Japan: Tecmo's Media Day

Plenty of Ninja Gaiden to go around, plus new announcements.

As it turns out, Square Enix isn't the only publisher in Tokyo taking advantage of the assembled media, as Tecmo rounded up dozens of journalists and gathered them together in the trendy Shibuya district at Club Camelot to unveil a grip of new software, while bringing us up to date on some other, highly anticipated games.

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SuicidalTendencies3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Where is the announcement of Ninja Gaiden 2? I want some next gen Ninja Gaiden action.

lil bush3871d ago

yeah why isent ninja gaiden 2 been comfirmed, cause dident this game came out like 4 years or something, thats a long time...

SimmoUK3871d ago

They've only just finished making Ninja gaiden exclusive for the ps3... that's where all the ninja action is at...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3871d ago

You might want to go back and reread what you wrote. Exclusive? no my friend Xbox owners were playing Ninja Gaiden in 2005. I think what they were talking about was "Ninja Gaiden 2" Same Ninja Gaiden as the one on the PS3 but with a couple of new things.

kewlkat0073871d ago

"Ninja gaiden exclusive for the ps3"

"You made another funny" HA..Fanboyism always at work, even if your trying to be un-biased.

Do some research will ya about that Exclusive NINJA GAIDEN game for the PS3...You might be disappointed, your kinda late actually.

You can keep that Exclusie, I'll take NINJA GAIDEN Part DEUX.

power of Green 3871d ago

Sigma's a Xbox game.

TN and TI better announce NG2 at E3 i thought the game was coming out this year.

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