PSone Classics: Has Sony Kept Its E3 Promise?

From PS3 Attitude: "The PlayStation Network has been a huge opportunity for Sony to re-release the classic games that defined the PlayStation era. Unfortunately, for countless weeks Sony underwhelmed fans by ignoring the library of quality games that the PSone has to offer.

During E309, Sony stated that the number of PSone Classics available on the US PSN will increase to nearly 60 titles by the end of the year.

Is Sony on track in keeping its promise? Not only that, but are the games actually 'classics'?"

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gumgum993229d ago

is this a trick question?

Delriach3229d ago

It's not intentionally a trick question...

or is it?!

No, it's really not... >_>

zeeshan3229d ago

I for one am not really looking forward to playing PS1 games. No Sir, right now, I am looking forward to playing next-gen AAA games on my PS3 which is why I bought the console in the first place. I may get some craving to play some old games in the future but right now, I am hyper-excited about what is coming to PS3 especially the amazing exclusive titles :)

Nelson M3229d ago

Anyone who says different is a Dumb BoT