Young Gamers Are Little Monkeys

Critical Gamer Writes: Children who play video games have minds that are no more complex than those of chimpanzees. At least, that's what seems to be implied by the BBC and scientists at Emory University, Atlanta.

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N4G king3112d ago

and as we all know that xbots are kids
so they are all Little Monkeys

timmyrulz3112d ago

As soon as i saw the headline i knew some retard would associate it with x360

Cos nobody under the age of 20 owns a PS3 right??

Ilikegames763112d ago

made me lol. Which console only have FPS as their best selling games?

ukilnme3112d ago

Lol, that is funny. What's even funnier is that the so called "older" PS3 fanboys (droids) on N4G act more like kids than these xbots they talk about. Allow me to break it down using your own logic.

Xbots are kids so they are all Little Monkeys. Kids acting like kids right?

Droids are adults acting like kids so they are pathetic.


Jim Crikey3112d ago

Mix of truth and exaggeration in that scientific study.

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago

Why just video games? Why not television, books, toys...I see no reason that kids couldn't imitate those things.

kalebgray923112d ago

the games were way simpler... besides a few.... i remember playing megaman with joy and full understanding cuz it was simple... now kids are trying to play games like msg4 which is way too much for them...1990 is where its at

CrashFallen3111d ago

hmmm lol, if you really want the whole aspect of entertainment and media harming people in the easiest of ways by putting things out there in plain sight why not check upon Illuminati... Wake Up People PLZ..... Wake Up...

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Sarcasm3112d ago

Maybe Yawning is a bad example. When you see someone yawn, you feel like yawning yourself.

Or you Yawn when watching the Zodiac and actually fall asleep in the theatre. Oh wait, that was me.

gumgum993112d ago

Quick!, jump behind the counter!

*gun shot*


...he shot me in my @ss.

napoleon_ist3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.