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gunnerforlife3085d ago

goooooooooood:) i dnt buy stuff online infact ive neva been online so this is a good thing 4 me:)

DaTruth3085d ago

PS3; No trojan horses, no backdoors, no viruses, no way for someone to steal your info, unless you go to a shady site. PSN is the only place I ever bought online from!

cooldude1233085d ago

This is truly Sony's year...

peeps3085d ago

the games been available for ages now. i imagine a few ppl will wanna get this who don't buy things off the store but i know i bought this game as soon as it was available. 1 of the best (and best value) games on psn imo

jadenkorri3085d ago

but people are still uncertain about digital download, like how many dls you get etc etc, i know people say you only need to download once, but cps break, HD gets wiped, so you need to dl it again, or in my position, i reformat like every 3 months or so, and sometimes go back to playing classic games, on and offline, last thing i want to see is a game i payed full retail price for and be told i have to rebuy.

Perkel3085d ago

so we can expect an update to original psn wipeout with platinum trophy :)

Redempteur3085d ago

Lol wipeout HD was the first PSN game with platinium FROM THE START

thor3085d ago

I've got the platinum trophy already :)

ChemicalWorld3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

WipEout HD already has a platinum trophy. If you're talking about the PS1 Classic title then there is no chance of trophies since PS1 titles don;t have any form of trophy or PSN support.

EDIT: Damn these slow interwebs, you guys beat me to the reply lol.

LukaX233085d ago

No offense, but who would buy this?

CernaML3085d ago

No offense, but that was a dumb question. Maybe people prefer physical copies over digital ones. This will look good on the shelf. :)

Redempteur3085d ago

As long as the price is ok , many people .
But do think the price of the game on the psn is a better deal

thor3085d ago

I think they've realised that many people don't go into the store regularly to buy games, or they don't have a credit card and don't know about PSN cards, or that many people get games bought as presents OR they don't count it as a full game because it's a download. A retail copy has a big psychological factor on people - they'll be in the shop looking for games to buy and they'll see it.

Of course this means that Sony have realised that putting games on shelves is good marketing in itself, so it doesn't bode well for the PSP go... I don't think people are ready for 100% downloaded games.

peeps3085d ago

yeh. although i'm sure a lot of ppl will have bought this over psn when it was first released. not every1 buys stuff off the store for 1 reason or another and would prefer a physical copy.

DigitalAnalog3085d ago

I prefer the localized english version, so a re-release on Blu-ray bodes well for me!

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The story is too old to be commented.