Xbox 360 Aids Research in Predictability of Heart Attacks

A new study by a University of Warwick researcher has demonstrated that researchers trying to model a range of processes could use the power and capabilities of a particular Xbox chip as a much cheaper alternative to other forms of parallel processing hardware.

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N4G king3109d ago

"Xbox 360 Aids Research in Predictability of Heart Attacks"

what ??
are they trying to kill ppl ??

Nelson M3109d ago

That over 50% of BoTs will Suffer a Heart Attack when their 3Shitsty RRoD's on them

And the other 50% will just Bend over and Take it in the Ass Again

Thy Silly Little BoTs

cjflora3109d ago

Heart attacks can come from something that was unexpected. I can't see any 360 owner being surprised when their Xbox goes RROD, let alone being so surprised it would give them a heart attack.

gumgum993109d ago

lol, something about this headline makes me lulz.

kevco333109d ago

I think this is actually pretty clever. Saving the university thousands of pounds simply by properly thinking about what you need, and what hardware can deliver it. Well done, Warwick.

003109d ago

ps3 helps with curing cancer and the 360 helps with predicting heart attacks, and people say gaming is unhealthy for you.

Lilith_Belial3109d ago

Point there my bad the Wii is the only one not so healthy for us with the whole Wii elbow thing

FinalFantasyFanatic3108d ago

Are you talking about tennis elbow?

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