GoNintendo 'End of Day' thoughts - Cort's E3 impressions: Hudson's mysterious Lost in Shadow (Wii) comes into the light

GoNintendo writes:

"Wait... E3 impressions?

You read that correctly. If you remember, back at E3 Hudson invited me to take a look at some of their upcoming titles behind the scenes. The thing was, for the most part, these new titles were very unlike what you'd expect from them, especially considering the games they've become known for in recent years. One of the other titles shown privately at E3 was recently announced, Calling *note, and is a prime example of this new direction Hudson is looking to explore.

While Calling may be one of the first suspense games to ever pique my interest-a feat in and of itself, it was Lost in Shadow that stole my heart and keeps me yearning to this day; 2010 can't come soon enough. That they've been pushing back the embargo little by little that I can gush about it hasn't helped, but the day has come when I can actually talk about what I was quick to choose as my Game of E3 2009."

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