This Final Fantasy XIII Lady Looks Familiar...

The new Final Fantasy XIII trailer features Serah, the younger sister of heroine Lightning and girlfriend of bandana-wearing character Snow. According to some, Serah's character design isn't new.

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qface643147d ago

it actually does look just like her
saw of the posts on kotaku tried defending saying its original but really the only difference between them is one has no sleeves and smaller boobs

sunnygrg3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

lol of all things, they mention Bible Black.

MAiKU3146d ago

I don't think it's kinda out of line to say that Tetsuya Nomura Doesn't read this or is even aware of this. I mean really? a famous character designer basing his stuff off hentai?

I'm gonna go with pure coincidence on this one, Nomura's character design style is very distinctive.

Godmars2903146d ago

Yeah, and I just looked at the pictures and haven't stopped laughing.

Actually, pretty sure that character model has been recycled many times in anime and manga. the off-center ponytail in particular.

FarEastOrient3146d ago

If I remember from the Japanese trailers, the sister (maybe she died?) was the root of the problems between Snow and Lightning.

GameSpawn3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Actually, I don't think so. Like 1.3, I think this is a case of pure coincidence.

They do say though that "art inspires art". Another good one too, "copy from two people it's plagiarism; copy from three it's art". Both characters probably originate from the same inspiration, but I don't think they're based off one another.

Reibooi3146d ago

It's not like it was copied or anything there are a ton of anime and game characters that have that hair style. I mean come on there are only say many hair styles one can have people. As for the outfit there are differences and I would chalk the similarities up to pure coincidence.

I mean this isn't like Suckerpunch ripping the Reapers straight out of The World Ends With You and putting them into Infamous.

STK0263146d ago

while it's probably just a pure coincidence, Maiku, there's no reason for Nomura not to be in hentai, he's in the land of hentai, so who knows...

Bonsai12143146d ago

i would actually say the only similarity is the hair, skirt and stockings. her top and face aren't that similar. plus, there are much better girls to copy from Bible Black than Imari..

MAiKU3146d ago

Hahaha i think people read my post wrong.

I am saying it IS coincidence. Actually i think one of the volcaloid girls have the same hairstyle, i could be wrong though.

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RememberThe3573146d ago

I saw this and had to submit it. I just started laughing, it's so close it's like they did it on purpose.

gumgum993146d ago

she looks like my wife...

that I wish I had. T_T

PopEmUp3146d ago

what girl are you talking about? Serah? or the Bible black one? cause Serah had a pretty small boobs lol

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