Expect more Wii title games in the future

"Many gamers are not exactly as open minded as others, and many seem to dislike titles such as WiiSports, WiiFit, and WiiMusic. Unfortunately, for those said gamers, Nintendo will be releasing more Wii title games like the ones mentioned above, from now till the end of this generation."

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Product3228d ago

I'm fine with creative software but it must get pretty daunting when you have to joggle screaming core fans and still try to expand the market. Core fans seem to be very vocal about what Nintendo is doing wrong but i feel Nintendo does need a little bit more balance than they have right now with their core and casual games.

Madusha3228d ago

I know those wii titles games aren't top notch but some of them can be quite fun - Wii Sports for example. I had hours of fun playing golf and tennis. It was great. But, there are others such as WiiMusic which are horrible.

Nintendo have really achieved their intentions with these games - to keep them unique.

Product3228d ago

Yea I just wonder how far they are going to go after seeing the vitality sensor.

PhDInParapsychology3228d ago

I agree with you Madusha, I own all the Wii ______ games except for Wii Music. Some are better than others, and some aren't even really games (Wii Fit) but each of them offer something fun. So many good ideas I'd like to see expanded on like archery (Wii Sports Resort), air hockey (Wii Play), and ice sports (Wii Fit). BTW Product how can someone disagree with you wondering how far they will go after seeing the vitality sensor? Do they think you don't really wonder that? lol

timestoby3228d ago

i forgot all about the wii lol.

dangert123228d ago

Wii sports is big i like that and wii fight does what it needs to but play and wii music were complete b.s

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