Videogamer: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review

Videogamer writes: "Arctic Edge is a great achievement on the PSP. The developer has managed to maintain what made the first two games in the series so popular, yet resisted simply giving people a cut down version of what they've already played. The Arctic setting makes for some great track design and incredible visuals, but there's just something holding the game back from being a true classic. The Festival mode feels a tad too formulaic and sterile, with modern racing games doing a better job at all the stuff outside the actual racing. It's also still a fairly tough game, despite its arcade visuals and premise. Still, with a ton of content, impressive multiplayer functionality and impeccable production values, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge deserves a place in your PSP collection".

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B_Rian893172d ago

My PSP will rise from the dead due to this game, GT PSP, & LBP PSP. I havent played my PSP in over a year

somesonyguy3172d ago

don't forget to plug it in, then. poor things prolly got battery anemia.

Milky3172d ago

So excited for this game. Day one for me.

Gish3172d ago

UGH... I have a really hard time paying 40 bucks for a psp game... I just think to myself, "I could have a full PS3 or 360 game for 20 bucks more... I know I am missing out on a bunch of good games