Sega set to fully reveal Yakuza 4

On their teaser web page for Yakuza 4, Sega said that they will fully reveal the PS3 exclusive game in ten days.

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saint_john_paul_ii3054d ago

you know whats sad? we might not see the last 3 Yakuza games here in the US....ever...

SpaceSquirrel3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

There's still a little hope. Sega hasn't outright said that they won't release it in the US yet.

Dragun6193054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Yea, hopefully when Sega sees how much the PS3 is selling through out the remainder of the year, It may well change their stance on localizing the Yukuza 3 even maybe 4 if goes on to sell really well.
I mean why not take the advantage with the PS3 marketing blitz + lower price tag, The chances of the game selling well to reach the expected sales would be high.

Heck, I think Sega should make a Yukuza collection with 1,2 and 3.
It would be Perfect for those that haven't played Yukuza 1&2 but wanted to, or newcomers that wanted to understand the story.

Delta3054d ago

Don't say that, stay positive. I hope it comes :) Plz Sega :)

N4GAddict3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

They should try the Playsation Network route and save cash if they refuse to release the game at retail.

INehalemEXI3054d ago

I wish they would hurry up and bring 3 , I know they will eventually the demo was sweet.

andron6663054d ago

It took a very long time for Sega to release Yakuza 2 in the West. And then it probably sold poorly because it was on PS2, and PS3 had released. Might be the reason why Sega is reluctant to bring it over.

I know I skipped it, even though I enjoyed the first one because I was too busy with PS3 games...

Dir_en_grey3054d ago

Yakuza 2 didn't sale when they brought it over, why would they bring the rest?
If people want companies to bring games over, support the games and buy them when they are released.

RememberThe3573054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Yeah Sega is in a strange place right now. People love their games, yet no one is buying them. I think Sega just has horrible timing. Yakuza 2 being the best example of that, as well as the launch of Valkyria Chronicles during the holidays last year. They should have saved it for February...

Noctis Aftermath3054d ago

PlayStation Hong Kong should just provide english subtitles, we'll import it, im positive the number of games sold to people importing would easily cover the costs for translation and whatever else is needed.

ikkokucrisis3054d ago

Some of their greatest games never made it out of their home country (Macross comes to mind)!

At this rate they are going to fizzle out of the software business too...I don't feel sorry for them at all!

Lifendz3054d ago

I can't try to care about Yakuza 4 when I'll never get 3. I can only hope Sony or maybe Capcom take the risk in publishing the game over here.

mastiffchild3054d ago

Til they say they'll think about getting a version to us weserners what's the point of thinking about Yakuza3, never mind number 4?

I've said before they could do it cheaply for the US/UK by just doing a subtitled patch or all down loadable to boot and save on manufacturing as well as not needing a million different voice casts to localise but, alas Sega seem not to want our money!

They happily lose money over the big campaigns and ads for Overkill and Madworld on the Wii(good games that sold badly), say they'll continue to support Wii games of a mature nature in future(honourably)yet don't give a damn about the small but loyal Yakuza fanbase in the west. Rememver, in the UK at least, you had to track down Y1 and 2, there was no big campaign like we had for the games on the Wii this year(also VC wasn't advertaised or that easy to finmd on the high street in the UK)-yet the sales aren't big enough to even warrant a downloadable version with subtitles?

Oh, I'm sick of the wait for Y3 and other games seem to be haciong the same problems coming to the UK especially-Demon's Sopuls isn't coming to the UK and we all lost games like Fatal Frame 4 which looked like a return to form for the Wii and the series! Oh, I'll shut up but I really think if Sega and others looked at cheaper, modern ways round the trials of localisation and distribution we would see a viable model for even more niche titles than Yakuza coming west from Japan. I think both western gamers and the Japanese devs/puvs are all missing out right now through someone's laziness or shortsighjtedness when a cheap way is avaiable and acceptable to the vast majority of western gamers.

Game with suntitles or no game? I know what I'd choose to play some of the "missing" titles this generation so, if anyone knows, why hasn't anyone done this o see if we'd buy the subtitled games? I know SE were shocked when IGN informed them many western players preferred subtitles and japanese voice to a full English dub-only earlier this year so I guess Sega and Co might not realise we would go for this kind of deal.

Seriously, mind, I really want to play Yakuza3(and no doubt Y4 too!)and am getting pig sick of not getting anything good from Sega-might well have a little sulk and start avoiding Yakuza aericles as they give me high blood pressure.

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Cwalat3054d ago

I don't understand why it's so difficult to release the game outside of Japan? Aren't about 80% of all the other publishers doing it?

It doesn't cost THAT much to localize a game for western release.

Maybe they simply ignore everyone outside of Japan who see potential in their titles? Can't think of any other reason why they would choose not to release games outside of Japan.

Sad, really sad... cause i would buy Yakuza day one.

saint_john_paul_ii3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

the reason why they are not willing to localize is because of the lack of its popularity here in the states. When the fact of the matter is that they are the biggest idiots in the world because they dont put marketing behind this awesome franchise. How are people going to know about this game. its just like every sega game that comes to the PS3, like Valkaria Chronicles for example.

they put marketing behind bad multi-platform games, but when it comes to PS3 exclusives, its like..yea they dont exist or something.

SaiyanFury3054d ago

Marketing is a good point. It really wouldn't cost them much to bring it out over here. No need to region-encode or anything. Just translate the subtitles in English and poof, ready to sell. I think the majority of players anyways don't want to play such a vigorously Japanese game in English anyways. It takes away from the experience. SEGA hasn't said that they wouldn't bring it here. That previous statement was one of opinion from a SEGA USA employee. Normally it takes over a year to bring a Yakuza title over here.

mastiffchild3054d ago

They're also happy to confirm the same level of ad support they gave Madworld and Overkill on the Wii. Yakuza NEVER got a push like they did and I'd be surprised if either outsold the fist two games by many copies, if any.

I had a real job getting the first Yakuza at all so to write the franchise off in the west when they didn't advertise or stock correctly seem a bit silly and shortsighted-the people who DID get the games tend to be real fans and see how much a step up the third game looks to be. With some ads I see the game doing pretty well, tbh, andd for the price of a few subtitles what's the big risk? They could patch them in different languages and even charge a fiver to cover costs over PSN to take advantage of region free OR just go downloadable in the west.

Dunno why they won't try something, tbh.

Gabe EatsWell3054d ago

Yakuze 4
Only on PS3. Only in Japan. T_T

crazyturkey3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

With this sega is almost as bad as You and all of Valve.

jkhan3054d ago

LOL @ the pic :P

ZombieAutopsy3054d ago

I just downloaded the Yakuza demo from the japan psstore a few days ago and i have to say i wish they would bring it to the states.

MajestieBeast3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Just bring it sega. Go the Atlus and Nis way or ask sony to do the publishing for north America and Europe.

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