Team Fortress 2 Leaked Beta Update

A user who was beta testing the new update for Team Fortress 2 has blatantly broken NDA and released this video on youtube.

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Madusha3049d ago

Didn't even know there was a team fortress 2 XD

Battlefield3049d ago

A game tester leaking his own stupid.

Madusha3049d ago

We'll know a lot about more upcoming games if more tester continue to do this.

N4GAddict3049d ago

he probably won't be a game tester anymore if they find the culprit

TheIneffableBob3049d ago

It's not a job. A couple of the top TF2 players and clans were chosen to help beta test some new Team Fortress 2 changes.

tdrules3049d ago

WHAT THE HELL!! zxzgamingzxz your a55 is grass, how dare you steal my article, and copying the title and info
The only reason mine wasn't approved was no embedding but that does not give you the right to commit blatant plagiarism.
Find your own news next time

ZootHornRollo3048d ago

why do all the videos of video games use horrid music?

are people tone def or have no real taste in music

SStignei3048d ago

LOL they are Russian, at one point he's all like "go get the pyro"