Debut trailer of PS3 exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes released

From Software announced 3D Dot Game Heroes a bit less than a month ago, yet it's already generated quite a bit of hype. The game features a unique art style that mimics retro 8-bit games, but converts them into full 3D. The first trailer explains the background story and shows some of the puzzle and combat mechanics a bit.

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gauntletpython3050d ago

Looks amazing! Totally old school!

MAiKU3050d ago

Yes i agree, and i love the chiptune music they employed for the game as well.

Godmars2903050d ago

Old school redux you mean.

ChozenWoan3049d ago

After seeing Demon's Souls and now this, From Software is now in my top ten list of PS3 Dev studios.

MAiKU3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

hrm... i wonder if this is coming out for us?

ReservoirDog3163049d ago

Yeah, it looked really cool. Like the original zelda games.

I'll keep my eye on this one from now on.

Jink3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

OOOOH F****!!! THIS IS LIKE ZELDA! The first Zelda from NES!
The worlds, the falling rocks, Aquamentus (dragon), Patra (flying eyes), the trees, the dungeon... even the music sounded somewhat like in the first Zelda.
I love how this game looks, I'm getting it.

Bereaver3049d ago

From Software and Sony continue to cater to the hardcore!

This is a day one buy for me.

I hope they will include english on the Japanese hahah!

Blu Ray is big enough!

(Little Big Planet did.)

BLuKhaos3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

This game is beautiful.The ironic thing is that this game still looks better than any wii game even with it's 8 bit art style.

Ravage273049d ago

but this game is looking really unique and promising. Hope it will have an equally deep and challenging gameplay :)

gaffyh3049d ago

OMG. Hype level = Deep space.

I thought this game looked crap before, but damn it looks like an old school Zelda, I am soooo getting this game now. And actually graphically it looks pretty good (aside from the fact that everything is made out of lego).

ThanatosDMC3049d ago

Damnit! I want more Armored Core!!!

menoyou3049d ago

The game looks amazing indeed. Whoever thought of this is brilliant. I can't wait for it!

Jinxstar3049d ago

Not the first Zelda but "A link to the past" nearly perfect...

D4RkNIKON3049d ago

Ok first off.. THE ART STYLE OMG! Also I totally picked up on the similarities between this and Zelda Link to the past for SNES. The music, the sword, the scenes, the falling boulders, even the chickens! I will buy this game if it releases in US.

Whitefox7893049d ago

either way it looks good to me old school gaming plus lego like environment sign me up!

Montrealien3049d ago

I am blown away.

From software shows once again why they are one of the best.

I want!

ABizzel13049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Finally this is what I'm talking about. Being original and innovative. A lot of people thought I meant that there aren't any new IP's coming out, but that's not what I mean at all.

This game is innovative. Its a new twist on old school gaming, and no one is doing that. You can call it a Zelda rip-off all you want, but it's something revolutionary, and I'm for once happy that someone is willing to take a chance and do something new and out of the norm for once in the gaming industry. More developers need to step out of the shadow of sequels and try something new.

Sony you found a great developer in From Software and you need to scoop them up before someone else does (I only say this because I only saw the PS3 logo for this game, and Ninja Blade wasn't their best work decent, but not their best).

From Software you deserve to be honored for thinking and stepping outside the box. I humbly and graciously applaud you.

PS (Yeah I said PS lol)

The last game to make me feel like this was Little Big Planet. Hopefully Mod Nation Racers will do the same (although it does seem like Little Big Kart Racers)

Armyless3049d ago

This is like an 8-bit Fantasy version of Tron!

Christopher3049d ago

It sounds and looks a lot like the gameplay of Zelda. Looks very nice, but I'd worry about how similar to Zelda this ends up being.

TheReaper423043d ago

reminds me of those really good Nintendo days with a make over. excellent.

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Parapraxis3050d ago

Wow, it's so much like Zelda on SNES, which is not a bad thing at all.
I'm officially excited for this game!

OGharryjoysticks3050d ago

I was thinking Zelda all the way too. But I was thinking the original 8-bit Zelda on NES

Parapraxis3050d ago

I think it was the chickens and boomerang (unlocking doors) that made me think SNES. But I see where you're coming from.

Watched the trailer again,it's simply amazing. Serious nostalgia trip.

shadowfox3050d ago

Yea, it looks like the 8-bit Zelda but in 3D. And with the character creator, you could even make Link!

Panthers3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

This reminds me ALOT of A Link to the Past. The boulders coming down the mountain and the boomerang, not to mention those stone guys that bounce around.

Plus I could have sworn that was the castle from A Link to the Past in the background.

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rebirthofcaos3050d ago

the good thing it is that I hope more games like this,and of course the best it is a ps3 exclusive.

OGharryjoysticks3050d ago

wait until there is more news about this game being ps3 exclusive before you go on a spazz fest. Doing a Google search of the game brings back plenty of articles but not many mentions of exclusivity. If there isn't some concrete deal already done I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft tries very hard to get in on the action as well because from the clip it does look very unique.

Parapraxis3050d ago

Looks like PS3 only right now
Top right and bottom legal text lists only PS3.

DaTruth3049d ago

Game looks awesome, but it's not like it would take a downgrade by going multiplat...even on the Wii. So I say, let everyone play it!

My aversion to multiplats is about quality reduction, not just hoping someone else doesn't get to play it, or rubbing yet another exclusive in the face of 360 fanboys!

callahan093049d ago

Hairy, it comes out in less than 2 months and it's only been announced for PS3, and the official website only lists PS3 under "platforms." So it'll be an exclusive.

mfwahwah3049d ago


It's funny how the official site could have answered your question, yet you didn't bother looking there for the official information xD

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Isaahc3050d ago

Love the retro bit take on this game with a twist of a 3d.

Gabe EatsWell3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Just to remind the bots:
This is a PS3 exclusive. Now shoo!

ShadowCK3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

You Playstation Loons would claim a pile of dog turd to be the greatest thing ever created if it were exclusive to your mediocre system as if it were a divinity.

This game is from the same people who created Ninja Blade and Demon Souls and already I can tell this game is going to be terrible. Blurry textures, uncanny gameplay? Yeah, you can keep this rubbish.

@ Topdawg122: Hurt over a mediocre game which I have zero interest in? Wrong, it's the opposite. Your a Playstation Loon 'Dawg' and you automatically have zero credibility in my books.

topdawg1223049d ago

@shadowck, You're makin it too obvious dude, lol. you're clearly butthurt

Obama3049d ago

Demon soul got 90+ in reviews but Ninja Blade flopped. Big difference.

mfwahwah3049d ago

Gentlemen, I show you, in it's most volatile form...


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