Gran Turismo PSP requires OFW 6.00

TheSixthAxis writes: "Late last week a few lucky websites got hold of the final version of Gran Turismo PSP by way of a voucher code for the PlayStation Store. Sadly, as far as we know this was only sites under the SCE America umbrella, and our request for a sniff went unanswered (TSA pinging SCEA, TSA pinging SCEA). Fortunately, any NDAs on the download appear to be limited to just reviews, so some people are already discussing some of the finer points of what promises to be one hell of a game when it launches for real in just under three weeks."

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Close_Second3231d ago

This promises to be great on the PSP and I can't wait!

thereapersson3231d ago

I'd say it will go down in history as one of the greatest hand-held games ever made!

Well, at least if it doesn't among the media, it sure will in my book... :)

Noctis Aftermath3231d ago

I'm glad sony is backing it up with some firmware updates to try and stop the piracy issues, when a game is great it doesn't deserve to be pirated and GTPSP is going to be a great game.

hay3231d ago

True. That's clever way to reduce GT piracy since as I think CF are up to 5.0 or 5.5.
Also this kinda sucks for me 'cause I use CF for emulators of old consoles like SNES or SEGACD... Won't be able to play both.

sukru3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Piracy is a problem, yet custom firmware is not always about it.

1 - You can play your PS1 games, and given the vast library of PS1 titles, and relatively small one of PSP's, it's a good thing.

2 - You can play games without UMD. However people usually don't use their own backups, but use backups from "the internetz". Unfortunately this is a real issue. :(

3 - There are many nice utilities and games in the homebrew scene. (Like YouTube players, or DOOM/SCUMMVM).

With CFW PSP is one of the best portable devices around.

nirwanda3231d ago

given the choice between losing all your emulators or playing gran turismo which would you chose, personally everyone i know with a psp has firmware installed for emulators and would snub any game instead of losing them, I think this will harm first day sales

butterfinger3230d ago

My brother and I are both huge Gran Turismo fans, and we both have downgraded firmware to run emus on chickHEN. We are both planning on getting Gran Turismo PSP on day one. I think you are underestimating the popularity of this franchise.

hay3230d ago

@nirwanda: I'm staying with emus despite the GT awesomeness. There are some oldies I can play anywhere, anytime and pretty much over and over again. And am using custom software(that preserves battery pretty good) to listen to music. Once you get a hold on those qualities, GT isn't really worth losing them. /my personal opinion.

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nirwanda3231d ago

i know crazy isn't it its surprising how many handheld games they do that with, like soul calibre for instance when thats what the game is all about for most people

mfwahwah3230d ago

Career mode would have been "Win races, purchase cars" anyway.

n4f3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

ill wait for a custom firmware then

butterfinger3230d ago

waiting for a while then. Dark Alex already said he isn't working on one for 6.0, and everyone else seems to take longer than him. Personally, I'd rather play this for a month while I wait then snag the CFW whenever it comes out.

Ilikegames763230d ago

just to play this game. That way I could sync with my PS3 when GT5 comes out.